Stray puppy wanders onto naval base and finds the hero he needs to survive
This dog walks into the base and into this Commander's heart. And now, he wants to bring this dog Stateside. Paws of War is raring to help make that plan real.
Jaclyn Abergas

Everywhere around the world, there are abandoned cats and dogs.

Some of them are lucky enough to be rescued and adopted into loving homes. And there are some who are rescued and placed in shelters. And then there are abandoned cats and dogs who continue to wander the streets, avoiding the bad people, and trying to survive daily.

Sometimes they’re lucky and get rescued, and sometimes, they’re not so lucky.

Fortunately for this little dog, he stepped into the right place.

A six-month-old stray puppy wandered into an overseas U.S. naval base. A U.S. Naval Commander saw him and knew immediately he was not going to survive this dangerous environment.

They had a motto in their base, “Those who arrive alive, leave alive,” and he knew that motto applied to this little dog as well. He scooped him up into his arms and decided then and there that this puppy was living with him at the base.

He was eventually named Griffon, and everybody loved him.

When the other soldiers and staff found out there was a dog in their base, everybody wanted to meet Griffon. He entertained everyone with his cute face and cute antics.

Griffon was a star.

As for the U.S. Naval Commander, he and Griffon formed a special bond and became a family. Everywhere the Commander went, Griffon followed. And because he was family, the Commander knew he was going to bring Griffon back Stateside when the time comes.

That task wasn’t going to be easy or cheap either. The Commander knew he needed help and reached out to the War-Torn Pups and Cats Program of Paws of War.

Paws of War knows this and has dedicated its service to helping active soldiers to bring their adopted animals home Stateside.

“It’s not cheap. There’s a lot of quarantining involved,” Robert Misseri of Paws of Wars explained. “[There is an average cost of] $3,500 to $7,500 depending on the medical quarantine, depending on where they are in the Middle East.”

They’ve done this service to hundreds of veterans and even more dogs and cats, who have become service and support dogs for the veterans.

And now, they are doing this service for the U.S. Naval Commander (who wants to remain nameless) to bring Griffon home to his family.

“Griffon is a super pup. He loves everyone and every dog he meets and loves to eat. He is doing great,” Gary Baumann, Paws of War spokesperson, stated. “We hope to have a reunion soon. The commander is from Maryland and has a wife and kids to welcome Griffon home.”

Because they are a non-profit organization, they have been reaching out to their followers and other animal lovers to help finance the transfer by donating on their website.

So far, more than 40 people have donated anywhere from $10 to $100 to get this puppy reunited with the Commander and start living with his new family.

Paws of War is doing great work for military men and women who want to give the animals they fall in love with a good home. If you’d like to help them with their lifesaving work, consider donating to their organization.

Check out a video about Paws of War below!

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