Sweet cat constantly gets ignored at shelter because of her grumpy face

April 1st, 2021

When it comes to adopting pets at shelters, the first few things that people base upon before deciding are their breed and their physical appearance. Because of this, a lot of pets are left ignored, letting them live their entire lives inside a cooped shelter.

The worst thing is, in kill shelters, pets that aren’t chosen for adoption will be euthanized after a certain period of time.

The shelter’s “ugly” cat.

An unusual-looking cat named Bean who was said to be living in a trailer park had been taken to a nearby shelter. The cat was suffering from several ailments including a terrible eye infection, but luckily, the shelter was able to cater for her care and treatment. However, what this cat needed was more than that – a home.

People have been ignoring this shelter cat until someone took notice of her.

No person who walked inside the shelter had taken an interest in Bean. The shelter started to lose hope of someone adopting her.

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However, Francisca Franken saw this specific cat while browsing the shelter’s website one night. She immediately fell in love with the unusual cat’s flat face and sad eyes. She then decided to contact them.

The shelter could hardly believe that someone had taken an interest in Bean.

“I got a call from a friendly lady from the rescue who asked me if Bean was really the cat I wanted to apply for because, apparently, nobody had been interested in her before,” Franken told The Dodo. “The woman who called me was scared that I just pressed the wrong button or something.”

Bean wasn’t even a choice until Franken inquired about her at the shelter. The shelter staffs were probably surprised about it that they had a hard time believing her.

Bean was everything Franken ever wanted.

When Franken arrived at the shelter, the staff immediately led her to the room Bean was in. The moment she met the cat personally at the shelter, you can’t imagine the joy on her face as she thought that Bean was more beautiful than she first thought.

“A lot of people who saw her at the shelter said she was ugly, but I think she’s the most perfect girl ever,” she said.

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Life with Bean.

During the first few weeks, Bean would follow Franken almost everywhere. Her clinginess might be the result of the fear of being left out again.

However, she eventually realized that this kind of life would be permanent. Over time, she transformed into a sweet and sassy cat. Although her love of cuddles never went away.

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Furthermore, Franken found out that her cat goes crazy with the smell of olives. Bean would immediately snatch one from her hand the instance Franken leaves her guard down.

This “ugly” cat finally had the home she sought for.

There’s no telling how many people chose to ignore this cat, but the moment Bean went home with Franken, her life instantly changed. She’s living the best life every cat at her new home showered with love and olives.

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Source: Treehugger, The Dodo