People are learning that baby owls sleep face down and the photos are adorable

July 1st, 2020

Baby owls have big heads. In fact, they’re so big that sometimes they can’t hold them upright when they fall asleep – so instead, they lay on their bellies (and sometimes their faces).

Journalist Mark Rees caused quite a stir on Twitter recently by reposting an old photo of a baby owl conked out face-down. In less than a week, it’s been retweeted over 44,000 times!

Hilarious, right?

The Audubon Society confirms that owlets do indeed sleep on their stomachs, but mostly with their heads turned (and owls have a wide range of motion when it comes to their heads).

So while they don’t all sleep with their faces pointed down, they do a belly flop into their naps.

And they are a whole mood right now.

Here are 10 sleepy little owls that simply can’t keep their heads up any longer.

1. People are feeling it

Well, if you needed more proof, here’s a whole collection of baby owls sleeping on their bellies.

Some of them look a little annoyed about being roused for a photo though.

2. Positively pooped

We hate seeing these beautiful creatures behind bars.

But this little guy isn’t depressed at the moment, he’s just catching a few zzzs.

3. Sweet dreams

How adorable is this little one?!

He looks like he lives in a magical forest.

4. They’re alive, we promise!

We’re not sure how they breathe that way, but here are two more owls that don’t even bother to turn their heads when they conk out.

That’s some serious slumber!

5. Drowsy baby

Aww, those droopy eyelids look much cuter on this baby owl than they ever would on us.

Just let the little guy take a nap!

6. Faceplant

We’re not sure why the owl is in a cage, but we’re going to hope it’s a rescue operation.

At least it’s getting some undisturbed slumber.

7. Like a bump on a log

He looks like he wants to fly like Superman.

Maybe that’s what this baby is dreaming about.

swiggle1 dot pattern2
ameblo.jp Source: ameblo.jp

8. It becomes a habit

This owl looks a bit older, but maybe it’s used to snoozing like this and just finds it more comfortable.

Even biologists are asking for confirmation of this phenomenon because it looks so strange.

9. Exhausted but in motion

This video is just too cute.

You can see that it’s clearly the best position for a nap – the owl is just trying to find the most comfortable angle for its head.

10. Their legs are ridiculous too

When owls sleep face-down, they often stick their legs out behind them as well.

We had no idea they had such long ones! That might be the cuteest part!

Baby owl laying down after a long day. from r/aww


Well, that’s more than we ever thought we’d know about the sleeping habits of juvenile owls!

It seems like a good time for a nap.

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Source: Audubon.org; H/t Bored Panda