Man makes little hats for toads visiting his porch

April 16th, 2021

We all need a hobby to help us pass the time! There are literally limitless hobbies to choose from, but picking a hobby that’s unique can bring some surprising talents and benefits to your life! For one man, his love of frogs turned into a hobby that got quite some attention on the internet!

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You don’t often hear about people and frogs unless it involves a princess.

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Whether or not you like frogs and toads, they are here to stay! For Chris Newsome, toads aren’t just a noise outside his bedroom at night, they provide him with a fun hobby that you just might fall in love with!

When a friend’s son lost his pet frog, Chris Newsome decided to do something fun to cheer him up.

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Chris has some experience in graphic design and decided that he would take some photos of the boy’s frog and add his own details to them. The major feature that he added to the photos was the addition of a hat! Each photo contained a little hat that would perfectly suit the frog in the cutest way possible.

It started out as a funny joke, but soon turned into something more.

After he made the hats digitally, he knew he had to try and make one in real life. Taking his creative skills and buying some foam paper and glue, he got to work. Soon, he had his first real-life had to put on a toad!

Chris had accidentally stumbled into the hobby of toad millinery!

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What’s millinery, you ask?

A person who is involved in the manufacture, design, or sale of hats for women.

If you make hats for toads, that makes you a toad-milliner, right? You would think that Chris has way too much time on his hands, but he has a perfect response to that criticism.
β€œThe longest I spent on each hat may have been 10 minutes.” Take that, toad fashion haters! – Bored Panda

The model that Chris has been using is known as a Fowler’s Toad!

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It is a pretty common-looking toad, but with a little inspiration, it can look as fabulous as it is warty.

Fowler’s toad is usually brown, grey, olive green and rust red in color with darkened warty spots. If the toad has a pale stripe on its back it is an adult. The belly is usually uniformly whitish except for one dark spot. The male may be darker in overall color than the female. – Wikipedia

We can say with confidence that with one of those hats on, that toad is sure to pull all the lady toads!

As time went on, the toad got to try on more hats that Chris made for him!

Soon, the hobby even extended past toads and into the world of dogs! Once you make one hat, why stop? Chris loves what he gets to do with a few spare minutes and he always releases the toads after he gets in a photoshoot with them.

Check out his Instagram to see all his future photoshoots!

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