Dog throws the funniest tantrum when Mom says he can’t go inside

May 6th, 2021

Dogs are great for so many reasons.

They are fun, adorable, loyal, and can cheer you up even on the worst days.

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Pexels - Valeria Boltneva Source: Pexels - Valeria Boltneva

However, not all dogs are created equal.

Some are low energy and reserved, while others frantically zip around the backyard and house.

A breed that happens to fall somewhere in the middle of this scale is the Siberian Husky.

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Pexels - Julissa Helmuth Source: Pexels - Julissa Helmuth

These beautiful dogs have the ability to hang around the house, enjoying scratches and long naps on the floor, while still having the energy to run alongside you as you bike through town.

The American Kennel Club has this to say about the breed:

“As born pack dogs, Siberians enjoy family life and get on well with other dogs; their innate friendliness render them indifferent watchdogs. This breed is also energetic and can’t resist chasing small animals, so secure running room is a must.”

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Pexels - Kateryna Babaieva Source: Pexels - Kateryna Babaieva

And these dogs also have quite the personality.

One quick search on the internet and you can find countless videos of Siberian Huskies doing hilarious things.

For example, the husky in the video below throws an adorable (and completely overdramatic) fit when it isn’t allowed to go inside.

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YouTube - RM Videos Source: YouTube - RM Videos

You can watch as the owner of the dog films it trying to walk inside the house.

The owner tells it not to go in and the well-trained husky immediately turns around and trots back to its owner.

However, this funny pup doesn’t plan on letting its owner off the hook that easily.

Clearly, the dog really wants to go inside because the second it reaches its owner, it lets out a loud wail and runs in a circle on the deck.

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YouTube - RM Videos Source: YouTube - RM Videos

The dog goes for another attempt to get inside and the owner once again tells it no.

This time around, the dog doesn’t even wait until it reaches the owner to let out one of the funniest sounds that I’ve ever heard a dog make.

It honestly sounds more like a human whining than a dog.

This gets the owner of the dog laughing a bit behind the camera.

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YouTube - RM Videos Source: YouTube - RM Videos

The dog can’t seem to handle this unfortunate news and decides to run down into the yard.

But once it’s down there, it’s clear that the dog is still upset about not being allowed to go inside.

It lays down for a bit before jumping to its feet and running in circles, moaning and whining in the yard.

The dog does this in bursts–it jumps up and wails, then drops back onto its belly in the grass.

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YouTube - RM Videos Source: YouTube - RM Videos

Eventually, the husky decides to try and get into the house one more time.

It runs back up the stairs, whining and moaning, and slides to a stop at the foot of its owner.

She still isn’t giving in to the dog’s tantrum, however, so it decides to run back down the stairs and do another lap in the yard.

The video ends soon after so we don’t know if it ever got inside or not–but it sure is fun to watch.

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YouTube - RM Videos Source: YouTube - RM Videos

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Source: RM Videos, American Kennel Club