Grandma sweetly serenades her beloved Chihuahua with classic Paul Anka hit

May 7th, 2021

There may be no clear proof yet whether dogs really have a musical sense or not, but this wholesome video might just convince you that they have it.

A 70-year-old grandma serenades the internet along with her dog.

Thai musician Malinda Herman has been uploading classic song covers on YouTube since 2016. However, what’s different about her from other song cover channels on YouTube is the presence of her very adorable Chihuahua named Jiw Jam.

In most of her videos, she would sing a classic song with an acoustic guitar while Jiw Jam sits on her lap. Sometimes you could see the adorable pooch resting on the guitar’s neck while Herman is playing.

You’d instantly be hooked by this duo in this particular video

Herman uploaded a cover of Paul Anka’s “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” in October 2019. It garnered over 9.8 million views and you’re about to know the reason why. Like in most of their videos, you could see Herman with her trusty acoustic guitar and behind it is the adorable Jiw Jam just chilling on top of her.

After strumming the song’s sweet-sounding intro, you’d just fall in love with Herman’s gentle and beautiful voice as she skims through the verses. However, that’s not the only great thing about the video.

Another reason why you can’t stop watching their video is because of the dog’s sleepy charm

Jiw Jam’s name is roughly translated as “Small and Pretty” which perfectly describes herself. While her grandma is smoothly serenading her with the song, you can see the little pooch resting his paws on the guitar’s neck.

Jiw Jam’s eyes slowly drop as Herman continues her serenade. She really did rest her head, only it was on the guitar’s head rather than the shoulder. Throughout the end, the sweet pooch is completely enveloped with warmth and calmness.

Having this sweet pooch around you will certainly get people’s attention.

According to the netizens, aside from Herman’s beautiful raw voice, they said that Jiw Jam was the real star of each of her videos. This also proves why dog videos are most likely to become popular on the internet because of their different stories and personalities. Some videos may make you laugh, or cry, but this one just hits you with a relaxed feeling that simply brings out a smile on you.

Grandma Herman continues to bring smiles to our faces with Jiw Jam.

It was never Herman’s intention to be famous on the internet and she only started doing these song covers because of a tragic accident she experienced 20 years back.

“I got into an accident about 20 years ago where my car flipped over,” she explained.

This accident left part of the left side of her face paralyzed.

She had to go back to do A-E-I-O-U exercises to regain feeling on the left side, and that was when her son recommended trying singing with a guitar.

Since then, she was not able to stop singing. When Jiw Jam came into her life, everything became much better for her. Whether she sings the Beatles, Paul Anka, and other classics, Jiw Jam would always be there to listen to her.

Posted by Malinda Herman FC on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Check out the duo’s sweet Paul Anka cover below!

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