Firemen bring baby deer back to life when they find her in shrubs near raging flames

June 30th, 2020

It took eight fire engines and crews from several different fire departments to tackle the massive wildfires that spread through the Hatfield Moors, near Doncaster, England, last month.

Oh, and they also managed to save a barely-alive kid who had been abandoned in a peat bog!

Apparently, mom high-tailed it outta there as soon as the flames started licking her furry little tush.

Fighting fires and saving people from burning buildings is the forte of every single firefighter out there. Once in a while, though, the lives they save are of the furry, bushy, doe-eyed kind.

When firefighters with Humberside Fire and Rescue and South Yorkshire Fire found a tiny roe deer kid curled up in the brush, the little girl was struggling to breathe.

So, they whisked her away to safety, put a baby-sized oxygen mask over her face, and gave her the breath of life!

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The Dodo/Epworth Fire Brigade Source: The Dodo/Epworth Fire Brigade

RSPCA inspector Daniel Bradshaw, who was at the scene, told the BBC that firefighters discovered the baby deer curled up in the shrubs near the flames.

“When they were fighting the flames they came across this tiny roe deer kid curled up in the shrubs and pulled her to safety, but she soon collapsed and stopped breathing so they put an oxygen mask over her nose.”

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Twitter/HumbersideFire Source: Twitter/HumbersideFire

Everyone was thrilled when the little doe regained consciousness and started to breathe on her own!

“The fire was huge and the crews did an incredible job getting this terrified little kid to safety and helping her when she was struggling to breathe.”

He added: “I’m certain they brought her back to life and without their quick-thinking actions she may well have perished.”

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The Dodo/RSPCA Source: The Dodo/RSPCA

Creds also go out to the extraordinarily cute animal oxygen mask that covered the doe’s face!

Ros Barbour, communications supervisor at Humberside Fire and Rescue, told The Dodo that these were donated by Smokey Paws Charity:

“This was the first time our crews have used a mask on a deer. The masks have been used on dogs and cats at fires in people’s homes.”

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The Dodo/RSPCA Source: The Dodo/RSPCA

Mom may have run away, but thanks to the quick work of the firefighters, this little fawn is safe.

“It looks as though she’s between three and seven days old and is unwanted. She was found right at the heart of the fire so I suspect mum has run away and she’s now been orphaned.”

The orphaned doe was taken to RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Cheshire for long-term care. After she makes a full recovery and is old enough to fend for herself, she can be released back into the wild.

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Source: The Dodo, BBC, Independent, Humberside Fire & Rescue