Deaf cat creates her own unique meow

March 16th, 2021

There are some friendships that can’t ever be separated. Often, it’s the relationships of those that have been through some trials together that are the strongest. It seems that difficulty breeds tight bonds – apparently, that works with our pets as well!

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Rescue animals are often the most loving and grateful pets you could ever ask for.

When pets have been in abusive or harsh situations, they often understand what life is like “on the other side of the tracks.” As a result, they are incredibly grateful and loving to the person who saved them. 4Keeps Animal Rescue even says:

Most animals coming from abusive homes will typically make a full emotional recovery – with proper care, attention and love. In fact, many of them are so grateful to be rescued from their previous situation, they end up being more devoted and loyal than animals coming from non-abusive homes.

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Knowing that, it makes sense why there are so many stories of rescue pets saving their owner’s lives!

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There seem to be stories of rescue pets saving their owner’s lives ALL the time. Sometimes it’s waking up their family during a fire, others it’s defending their home against intruders. Whatever the cause, rescue pets seem to be willing to pay back that “debt” to their owners at a moment’s notice.

One little kitty was rescued from a dump and spends her days expressing just how much she loves her owner.

Clarabelle is a cat that was rescued from a dumpster a few years ago. Her life was pretty tough, and the life of a street cat doesn’t seem to fit this fluffy white kitty.

On top of living at a dump, Clarabelle is totally deaf.

Cats depend on their sense of hearing for quite a lot. Without it, they can’t tell if someone is approaching, and it’s hard to understand your own noise when hunting. Thankfully, the life of a street cat wasn’t what Clarabelle was destined for.

Clarabelle was rescued by a wonderful woman named Cristina!

Like we learned earlier, rescue animals tend to be incredibly grateful for their new life. For Clarabelle, saying thank you takes a special (and cute) form!

Every time Cristina walks up to her cat, Clarabelle greets her with an ear-splitting meow!

Since she can’t hear her own meow, she has no idea how loudly she is even meowing! Over the past few years, Cristina decided that she was going to make a compilation video of her walking up to Clarabelle and hearing that hilarious yowl.

For three years, Cristina recorded footage and was able to make a compilation video that’s over two minutes long, just of Clarabelle meowing!

It’s adorable, and you can see that every time Cristina walks up, she is absolutely pleased that her human best friend has come to say hello. From a dumpster kitten to a loved (and loving) house cat, Clarabelle has a lot to be thankful for.

Check out the video below!

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Source: 4Keeps Animal Rescue, Cristina Kintner