Woman Raises 'Puppy' For Over A Year, Turns Out To Be Fox

May 14th, 2018

You love your dog, but what would you do if you found out your dog wasn’t really a dog?

This happened to a woman named Ms. Wang, who lives in China. She purchased what she thought was a Japanese Spitz. The adorable little pup stole her heart, and she was devoted to him for several months.

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Then, the pup’s appearance started to change.

She explained:

“The fur got thicker when it reached three months old. Its face became pointy and its tail grew longer than that of a normal dog. Other pet dogs seemed to be scared by my pet, so I walked it on a leash.”

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Shanxi TV Source: Shanxi TV

She decided to seek the help of an expert.

She took the pup to a local zoo, where a staff member was surprised to see what she was walking and calling a dog. Turns out, her pup was a fox. They can look a lot like dogs when they are babies, but as they grow, they start to get thick tails and they begin to release a bad smell. The staff member said:

“Based on the size, it is a domesticated fox. It carries a smell in their body and the smell can get stronger as it grows older.”

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Shanxi TV Source: Shanxi TV

You might be wondering how someone ends up with a fox and doesn’t know it’s a fox.

The truth is that foxes are common in Asia, and many pet shops sell them as pets. Some share their real identity, and others disguise them as dogs. The unsuspecting pet owners think they are getting adorable, fluffy, dogs when they are really getting foxes.

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Japanese Spitz dogs are a lot different in looks and behavior.

According to DogZone:

“The Japanese Spitz is a loyal, energetic and affectionate companion that is highly intelligent and good with children. They are a small-to-medium sized ‘Spitz-type’ breed. However, there is some variation in their size around the world, due to differences in breed standards.

“These little dogs have captivating personalities and are full of fun and love to play. They adore being around people and will thrive in your company, staying close to your side.

“Despite their small size, this breed is courageous and bold and are excellent watchdogs. They are renowned for their thick and fluffy pure-white coat, which is offset by their large dark almond-shaped eyes that are slightly slanted.

“This breed will enjoy curling up in your lap for a warm snooze. But do not be fooled, this is not a sedentary breed, as they also love to be active and get outdoors for walks.”

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Shanxi TV Source: Shanxi TV

That’s what Ms. Wang was hoping for but not what she got.

Still, she loved her pet and she wanted to make sure he had a good life. He had stopped eating dog food and chicken, and she was worried that she couldn’t provide the right home for him. She decided it was best for him to stay at the zoo.

The zoo agreed to take in the fox, and they quarantined him to make sure he was healthy before introducing him to other animals. At the zoo, he was put in an environment that is right for him. He gets a proper diet, medical attention, and the opportunity to socialize with other foxes.

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Had Ms. Wang kept him, he probably would have become ill and possibly destroyed her home.

The smell of the fox alone would have likely been more than she could handle. She did everything she could to give the little fox a good life. Although she was sad to see him go, she knew she was making the right choice.

Hopefully, the little fox thrives at the zoo and Ms. Wang spends a little more time researching dog breeds before she goes looking for her next pet. If not, it’s hard to tell what she will end up with.

Check your pets to make sure they are what you think they are. You might be surprised.

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