Woman Goes Outside Before Bed To Discover Random Dog Riding Her Miniature Pony

May 14th, 2018

Animals have a way of making unlikely friends; sometimes, it’s even with other animals. It’s not uncommon to find a mother cat nursing abandoned bunnies or a dognapping alongside a cat. Would you ever expect to see a miniature pony and a Corgi be inseparable?

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When Callie Schenker arrived home to her farm one day, she saw a crazy thing.

Her neighbor’s dog was riding on the back of her miniature pony, Cricket. Callie couldn’t believe her eyes. There they both stood at the edge of the fence just staring at her. She managed to snap a couple photos before the dog hopped off and headed back home. She said:

“I was astounded. I had no idea that, on the one hand, the dog could ride. And two, that Cricket was letting him do it.”

I can't make this stuff up!!!So we pull back in our driveway tonight and this is what we see. This is not our dog! But apparently him and Cricket the one eyed wonder pony are best friends. I'm stealing the dog, new circus act!💁🏼💁🏼ATTENTION!!! STOP sending friend request!! I will not be accepting any of the over 500 request I've gotten!! I do not know you people!!Also, the dog is my neighbors. He randomly shows up. I guess I just caught him riding my people at the perfect time! The dog didn't get hurt! No the dog is not abused at his home, he just likes to travel the rural area we live. Cricket is fine, he lost his eye along time ago in an incident that had nothing to do with the dog! I DID not put the dog on the pony! Honestly I was pulling in my drive way from going to Mcdonalds when I seen this happening. I'm lucky I even got the video because my phone was nearly dead. I didn't have any intentions of his video being viral. I just post a funny video I thought my friends would enjoy. I'm glad everyone got a good laugh out of this.🐴🐴UpDate! I want to read comments but I can't because they come in so fast. Everyone is more than Welcome to join the new page "Cricket and Pals". I will have more videos and pictures there.

Posted by Callie Schenker on Thursday, February 1, 2018

She says that this isn’t a circus act and that she had never attempted to show the dog how to ride to the back of the horse.

They were already in that position when she got home. The dog managed to stay on top of the pony while he walked slowly along the fence line. He had clearly done this before.

She explained:

“People said I must have put the corgi up there. Tied him on there. People were like, ‘That’s a corgi, he can’t just get up on that pony.’ I’m like, ‘He just did.’”

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Corgis do have short little legs, and it doesn’t seem likely that he would be able to jump up on the back of a pony.

Then again, Cricket is a very small pony, and as long as the dog had a step to jump from, he could probably make it up there pretty easily.

Schenker thinks it’s adorable and hilarious. She added:

“The corgi is like a captain.”

She also wondered how the little dog was able to make it on the back of the pony. After catching him riding the pony several times, she decided to try to catch him getting on his back. One day while she was home, she saw the dog was riding the pony. She went outside, but the dog hopped off.

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She stuck around to see if he would get back on, and sure enough, he did.

She watched as the dog jumped up and down, getting higher each time until finally, he made it on the pony’s back. It was a strange sight to see. She said:

“I kinda had a hunch that’s how he did it. But it was cool to really see. And to see Cricket actually play around with him was cool.”

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Schenker is just happy to see that Cricket has made a friend and is doing so well.

When they first saw him, he was extremely malnourished. They knew they had to adopt him. They brought him back to the farm and introduced him to their other animals. He seems to fit in well.

“I just fell in love with him,” Schenker said. “I told my husband, I have to have this pony.”

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Facebook/Cricket and Pals Source: Facebook/Cricket and Pals

The neighbor’s Corgi has visited the farm often, and now, he and Cricket seem to be best friends.

Schenker says that she can only imagine what shenanigans the friends get in together on the farm while she and her husband aren’t home. She said:

“No telling what they do when we’re gone.”

At least she knows that Cricket doesn’t get lonely when she is gone. He and the corgi will likely always remain friends. Now that they are doing tricks, they might have a chance of opening up their own dog and pony show, literally.

Watch the adorable video below.

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Source: The Dodo, Facebook/Cricket and Pals