Woman brings home rescue dog then discovers she 'quacks' like a duck
Never heard a bark like this before!
Michael Dabu

A very unique-sounding bark – “quack!”

One fun fact and unique thing about this little dog named Pipsqueak is her bark sounds like a duck’s quack. It almost feels like there’s a baby duck living inside her body.

When Pipsqueak first came into the couple’s life, she was just 1.8 pounds and a size of a guinea pig. Sadly, they were told the dog only had 6 months to live so the couple made sure to make the most out of her remaining months.

Puppy mill.

It’s the worst place to be for a pup, sadly, it’s where Pipsqueak came from. Fortunately, she was saved by rescuers from that unpleasant situation. The rescued tiny dog was later on taken by a rescue group and they soon gave her to a foster home.

For some inevitable circumstance, her foster father needed to undergo a lung transplant and that meant taking out all the home pets home including Pipsqueak. Luckily, the foster mom knows the couple (particularly the wife), however, they (couple) just got back from Wisconsin back to Indiana at that moment.

Her previous foster mom called them telling them they have a special needs dog who needed new foster parents and of course, a new home.

She immediately drove all the way back to Wisconsin just to pick Pipsqueak up.

When they thought it was just a temporary foster, they were terribly mistaken. Their goal was to simply give Pip “a good last few months of her life.”

The little dog, despite all the odds, outlived the 6 months given to her and lived for another 8 years – and still counting! If you want to see a miracle, here it is! Pipsqueak became living proof that not even science could tell your fate.

She’s defied all the odds and inspired everyone with her positive attitude and vibrant aura.

Pipsqueak is a very straightforward doggo.

“She lets us know what she wants and when she wants it, and she almost always gets it,” her new human mom said. “She’s pretty spoiled.”

Pip barked at them when she got comfortable at home and that’s when they first discovered her pretty unique bark sound. Even though it’s unique, they soon started figuring out the differences in her barks.

“There’s different barks that we’ve learned. There’s the bark of, I wanna go outside. There’s the bark of, I want my treat,” Pip’s mom said. “She uses her voice constantly since she physically can’t get around s well.”

The effects of poor breeding.

According to Pip’s mom, all of her health-related issues were because of poor breeding. However, she’s thankful that her husband is also an animal lover like her. Together, they weathered all the hurdles just to keep Pip healthy.

The couple has already spent tens of thousands of dollars on her surgeries, medicine, and everything else, but to them – it was all worth it!

As of this writing, the couple has adopted 6 other special needs little dogs after they took in Pipsqueak. Their house turned into a dog house and they love every corner of it. The lovely couple also admits to sleeping with all of them in bed every single night.

What a lovely family! Dogs really do make life a lot more fun and a home tenfold livelier.

Watch the video below to know more about Pipsqueak and her family.

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By Michael Dabu
Michael Dabu is a contributor at SBLY Media.