Tiniest stray dog runs up to couple on vacation and begs to be adopted
There was no way the couple could leave that tiny cutie behind.
D.G. Sciortino

When one imagines their vacation in Fiji they probably see themselves enjoying white sandy beaches that spill out into a turquoise-colored sea.

The sound of the wind rustling through palm trees while sipping cocktails from coconuts or something else fancy and exotic.

And Morgan’s vacation in Fiji with her boyfriend probably involved at least some, if not most of that.

But it also involved the beginning of a very important, loving relationship. One that didn’t involve her boyfriend.

It instead involved a stray dog.

“I was just sitting there and this little tiny puppy just dropped out and I was like, ‘Oh my God. Where did you come from?'” Morgan told The Dodo.

But this puppy didn’t look like your ordinary adorable puppy.

This poor thing was skinny and sickly.

He had sores and mange and was not in good shape.

“He just looked uncomfortable. As we’re driving away he just trots back out again and he just stares at me,” Morgan, who is a veternarian nurse, said.

That made Morgan break down in tears. She just couldn’t leave this sweet, innocent creature to die.

She took the puppy with her but wasn’t able to take the dog back to Australia with her since there were animal transportation laws that prevent it.

It would take the dog three months to get proper clearance in order to travel, and she had to return home because of her job.

Thankfully, Morgan was able to find a foster home for the dog where he could be comfortable until his travel arrangements were made and approved.

“I knew he would be OK and that I just need to get through these three months then our life would start together,” she said. “Three weeks later, he looked a million times better. He had so much energy. He was being a puppy again.”

Things went smoothly when Morgan returned to Fiji to take her dog back home to Australia.

As soon as that plane touched down in Sydney, that’s when Morgan says was the “start of their life together.”

“He didn’t leave my side from that point,” she said. “When he was home, it was very exciting and I was like all of the hard work had paid off. He really settled in.”

She, appropriately, named the dog Fiji. She didn’t envision that Fiji would end up sleeping in her bed, but he does often. And absolutely loves his new home and new life.

“He’s one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met,” Morgan said. “From seeing that tiny sick little puppy that was just holding on for life to now seeing this big, healthy 23-kilo dog, I’m just like anyone can do anything,” she said.

Fiji’s new home also includes a cat and a dog.

And Fiji loves them both very much.

Morgan says that Fiji fits in perfectly with the family.

Fiji has a great brand new life all thanks to Morgan. He also has a few hundred followers on Instagram.

Learn more about Fiji’s rescue in the video below.

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