Animals bring so much joy into our lives. They can be our best friends, our loyal companions, our friendly little bundles of fluff, waiting to greet us when we get home and brighten our days when we’re feeling down. Whether it’s a happy dog licking your face at the end of a long walk or a feline friend curling up at your feet, pets of all shapes and sizes can really feel like part of the family.

Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that in spite of all the innocence and goodness in animals, many people treat them with a total lack of care. Every day, countless dogs, cats, and other furry friends are neglected and abandoned, often ending up in animal shelters, waiting and hoping to find a new family that will truly love and care for them.

Luckily, more and more people are heading to their local shelters to adopt animals, rather than buying direct from breeders or pet shops. It’s always wonderful to give a second chance to an animal in need, and since there are so many inspiring adoption stories out there, we just had to share some of our favorites, complete with adorable pictures of the happy pets in question!