Man discovers that surgical masks make great baby bunny hammocks

September 10th, 2020

Masks are a great way to prevent the coronavirus, but have you ever wondered what happens to all of the used ones?

Apparently, excessive face mask waste is cropping up in oceans and landfill sites, and some have even branded masks the “new plastic bottle.” If you want to do your bit for the environment, reusable face masks are a much better option, as they can simply be washed at the end of the day!

However, we do understand that some workers are obliged to wear disposable masks for health and safety reasons – and one man came up with the perfect old for his used face masks. Instead of just throwing them away, the creative man decided to collect up all of the old masks from his car and use them to create tiny little hammock beds for his pet rabbits. Judging by the cute video the man shared onto YouTube, his bunnies seem to love them – and with no masks going to waste, it’s a pretty genius idea!

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When the man from Ottawa, Canada, was climbing out from his car one day, he realized that he had a bunch of used face masks just laying around.

Instead of just throwing them in the bin, he decided that his pet rabbits could happily make use out of the discarded masks. The man’s genius hack has been shared onto YouTube by ViralHog with the caption, “Surgical Masks Make Great Bunny Hammocks,” and the cute video already has over 15,000 views.

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YouTube Source: YouTube

The video was captioned:

“I found a way to repurpose used surgical masks. The little bunnies seem to enjoy using them as hammocks.”

In the short clips, the man tells the camera:

“So I took a bunch of dirty masks out of my car and I felt bad throwing them out, so I gave them to my rabbits. They really seem to be enjoying them.”

He jokingly added, “Hope you guys don’t get coronavirus!” He then enters the room with a rabbit hutch, where you can see three mask hammocks tied to the top, and inside, three, peacefully sleeping bunnies. We’ve never seen such cozy rabbits before!

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The video then skips to later on, where another rabbit is happily snuggled up in his makeshift hammock attached to a draw handle in the kitchen.

A third clip shows a bunny who appears to be in a utility room and is relaxing in a hammock which is tied between two drainpipes. The bunnies look so peaceful and happy, and it’s clear that the hammocks are a perfect bed for them!

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People took to the comments to share their love for the video, with one user saying:

“OMG! That’s adorable. But how did they get in them?”

Another added:

“That’s freakin hilarious!!!😂”

Believe it or not, the man isn’t the first to try out the mask/hammock idea, and it isn’t just bunnies who enjoy relaxing in one!

Another video, titled, “Pet Hamster Chills In Face Mask Hammock,” shows the adorable moment a hamster takes a nap in a hammock made of face masks hung between two bottles of water. This time, the face mask is a reusable pink one as opposed to a disposable one, and the hamster seems to be absolutely loving it!

Who knew face masks could have multiple uses?! Watch the adorable video below.

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Source: ViralHog, Viral Press