Stray Cat And Stray Dog Form Incredible Bond

October 26th, 2018

Everyone’s heard the old saying “fighting like cats and dogs.” But this saying isn’t always true—cats and dogs can get along. And sometimes, animals from the two species can become best friends!

That’s the case with a stray two-year-old Chihuahua named Gomez and a stray 10-month-old kitten named Morticia. These two animals formed an incredible bond when they were living on the streets together!

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Lost and Found Pets via Facebook Source: Lost and Found Pets via Facebook

The animals were first spotted hiding between two portable toilets at Hampton Soccer Park in Virginia. A Good Samaritan posted about the animals on the website Nextdoor, and a group of animal lovers rushed over to help the cat and dog.

The animal lovers tried to approach the cat and dog, but Gomez growled whenever they got too close. It was clear he was protecting the kitten.

“Totally bonded…dog is growling if we get too close so we have notified Animal Control and are awaiting them to come. We are on both sides so they can’t go anywhere,” Angela Davis Ward wrote on Facebook.

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Saver of Souls Pet Rescue via Facebook Source: Saver of Souls Pet Rescue via Facebook

Animal Control arrived, and they took the cat and dog to a local shelter, where they were separated. But thankfully, they weren’t apart for too long. Turkan Ertugrul, director of Saver of Souls Pet Rescue, saw a photo of the pair on Facebook. She fell in love with them, and she decided to take them into her rescue.

“At most shelters, it’s against policy to put dogs and cats together for safety’s sake and we knew they would be separated,” Ertugrul told The Dodo. “Their plight was keeping us up at night worrying about how they were doing apart from each other.”

The shelter did arrange play dates between Gomez and Morticia, but it wasn’t enough. The two wanted to spend all their time with each other, and Ertugrul vowed to keep them together.

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Saver of Souls Pet Rescue via Facebook Source: Saver of Souls Pet Rescue via Facebook

Ertugrul picked up Morticia and Gomez from the shelter, and she brought them to their new foster home. The pair were so happy to be together again!

Ertugrul was amazed to see the way the animals’ personalities changed when they were together. Without Morticia, Gomez was a bit shy and nervous around people. But when Morticia was at his side, Gomez was a happy-go-lucky dog.

“[Gomez] really opens up when Morticia is around,” Ertugrul said. “They are both happier and more outgoing when together than when they meet people individually.”

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Saver of Souls Pet Rescue via Facebook Source: Saver of Souls Pet Rescue via Facebook

Morticia and Gomez are both doing very well in their foster home, and once the pair are spayed and neutered, Ertugrul plans to start looking for their forever home. She knows these two sweet animals need a very special home, a place where they can always be together.

Gomez and Morticia: best buds!

Posted by Saver of Souls Pet Rescue on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Gomez and Morticia are a pair of interspecies soulmates who love each other more than anything. We’re so glad these two found each other!

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