Man Brings Leashed Horse Into Store

September 10th, 2018

Many stores are becoming pet-friendly, which means customers can bring their pets inside to shop with them. In the past, only service animals were allowed in many public places. That seems to be changing. Allowed or not, we have all seen people with small dogs and even cats and mini pigs in carriers in Walmart and other stores.

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Robin Morris Source: Robin Morris

One store recently allowed a larger pet to enter with his owner.

Luckily, there were other customers around to take photos of the incident, so we can all enjoy it. Robin Morris was shopping at a Tractor Supply store in Oklahoma when the strangest thing happened. A man walked in with his horse.

Tractor Supply allows people to bring their pets into the store as long as they are well behaved and on a leash. It doesn’t specify which pets are allowed and which ones aren’t and, apparently, doesn’t care.

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Robin Morris Source: Robin Morris

This elderly man brought his horse inside with him.

Morris explained what happened on Facebook, where she also shared photos of the man and horse. She said:

“Only in Oklahoma!

“Gentlemen walk into Tractor Supply and say ‘I’m a senior here to buy senior horse feed for my senior horse can he come in?’

“Tractor Supply workers: ‘Let me ask our boss.’

“Boss: ‘well technically our sign on the front door does say all pets welcome must be on a leash! And a Bridle is a leash for a horse!’ Lol”

The post was shared 92,000 times and it received more than 7,000 comments.

People couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Most seemed happy to see that the store had allowed the man to bring the horse inside. After all, it was on a leash and wasn’t breaking any rules.

The post prompted other people to share photos of their own pets going shopping. Melton Gallion shared a photo of his pig, Nugget. He said:

“This is Nugget she goes in a lot of stores. Loved this story.”

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Melton Gallion Source: Melton Gallion

Another woman, Kaye Smith Hughes, said that she has seen many horses in her local Tractor Supply store.

She said:

“We had many horses come in our TSC store.”

Another horse owner, Sharon Wilson, also commented, saying:

“I would love to be in that store when a horse came in, thanks for sharing. A girl I use to work with asked me if I ever took my horse into my house lol and she was serious.”

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Plainfield Flower Source: Plainfield Flower

Taylor Shanfield also commented with a story about a surprising animal that was brought into a store where she was working.

She posted:

“Here in Washington, we had a guy bring an alpaca into our shoe store. He asked if we allowed pets in our store, and we said yes as long as they’re well trained and friendly. We did not expect the alpaca to be brought in.”

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My Dog Likes Source: My Dog Likes

While a horse in a store may be a surprise to some people, others aren’t so shocked by it.

This elderly man likely rode his horse to the store and didn’t feel comfortable leaving it outside. He knew the horse would be fine in the store, so he just brought it along to do some shopping with him.

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Miss Molly Says Source: Miss Molly Says

The store manager was kind enough to allow it, and the customers in the store got a special treat that day.

It’s not often that you see something like this and the people who were there will never forget about it. Now that the horse has had one trip to the store, there’s a good chance he might be back again. If you happen to be shopping at a Tractor Supply store in Oklahoma, keep your eyes open. You never know when you might see a horse walk down the aisle beside you. Real cowboys take their horses shopping.

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Posted by Robin Morris on Sunday, September 2, 2018

Source: The Dodo, Robin Morris