Dog Takes His Owner's Car For A Joy Ride

September 12th, 2018

Although dogs are some of our greatest companions on the planet, anybody who has a pup of their own at home knows just how much work they can be to take care of. Although there are the basic responsibilities of making sure they’re fed, watered and well-exercised, there are still plenty of curveballs that you’re sure to discover by owning a pet. If you leave any food out, you may come home to find that it’s been eaten.

And if you leave the keys in the car, your dog might just jump in and take it for a joyride.

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At least, that’s what happened to one unlucky dog owner living in Kentucky.

In a story covered by The Dodo, dog owner Paul Shearn had a bit of an unpleasant surprise while he was running errands with his dog, Elvis. Elvis is 13 years old and Shearn thought that the pair had been through everything together. Because their bond is so close, Shearn often lets Elvis ride in the front seat with him when he’s driving around town. Just like any other day, Shearn took Elvis with him on his way to the grocery store.

“Since Elvis isn’t a service dog, I left him in the truck with the engine running and the air conditioner on,” he said. “I told him, ‘Elvis, don’t do anything crazy. Just chill and hang out here for a minute and I’ll be right back.’”

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As it turns out, Elvis didn’t heed Shearn’s initial warning.

Just like he planned to do, Shearn hopped out of the truck and stepped into the store for a minute. After ringing up his groceries and leaving the store, he was a bit confused when he came back outside.

“After buying the groceries, I walk out and see a police officer driving in front of me,” Shearn said. “As I walk to my vehicle I realize I’m following the officer. I thought, ‘Where’s he going?’ Then I see my truck.”

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Although Shearn had taken precautions to park his car a comfortable distance from the other cars on the street, his truck was now rammed into a parked car!

Shearn and the officer approached the car together, only to discover Elvis smiling from behind the wheel. “The officer looked at me and said, ‘I bet your dog, somehow, someway, knocked the truck into drive.’” And that’s exactly what happened—though there was still a little more to the story.

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Fortunately for the internet, Shearn captured video from the scene which documents the accident as well as the police officer on the scene.

As he narrates in the video, Shearn had forgotten that he’d left a container of bacon grease on the dashboard of the car. After he left the truck, Elvis probably had the idea that he would try to get into the container… which just happened to be closer to the driver’s side of the truck. Because the emergency brake wasn’t on, Elvis was able to drive it no problem. For all the naysayers, though, Shearn makes sure to explain why he did what he did:

“The vehicle was running, so for all you pet lovers out there: I love my dog, alright? I wasn’t going to leave him in a hot car.”

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Fortunately for everyone involved, the damage to the other car wasn’t too serious—and the other driver seemed to take it in stride.

At the end of it all, Elvis didn’t even show a shred of remorse—but he was still looking as cute as ever. While the experience was definitely a unique one for everyone involved, Shearn says he and Elvis’s relationship hasn’t changed at all even in light of this. “He’ll always ride shotgun, there’s no doubt about that,” Shearn said. “He loves it. I can’t deny him that pleasure.”

Ride on, Elvis!

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Posted by Paul Shearn on Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sources: The Dodo, Facebook