Pregnant Rescue Dog Gives Birth To Baby Cows

July 24th, 2018

Being pregnant and taking care of someone who is pregnant is no easy task. But the folks at Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue were up for the task.

When Rosie arrived at the county animal shelter while very pregnant, they were happy to take in and properly care for the golden retriever mix.

Katie and John Black have fostered more than 20 dogs in their day. So taking in a pregnant dog was a fun challenge for them. They couldn’t wait for Rosie’s adorable pups to arrive.

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But they were in for quite the surprise when Rosie actually gave birth. They were shocked by what they saw as it was nothing they’d seen before.

Rosie gave birth to four gorgeous puppies, they just look nothing like her.

“Not quite what we were expecting – Our foster dog and Golden Mix gave birth yesterday. To baby cows,” Katie wrote on Reddit.

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The golden retriever’s babies weren’t golden at all. Instead, they looked like little baby cows.

Her babies were black and white or brown and white spotted little pups.

While everyone else thought it was incredibly strange, Rosie didn’t seem to mind one bit.

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“She is one proud Mama,” Katie explained.

Inspired by their bovine look, the Blacks named them as such.

The four cow puppies are called Daisy, Clarabelle, Betsy, and Moo. They aren’t sure who is the father to the cow babies but it’s definitely not a golden retriever.

So many people asked for more photos of the puppies, so here’s a short video. She was pregnant when surrendered to the shelter. We did not breed her! I wanted to clear up my bad English in first post. We have more pictures at OurGoldenYears on Instagram too. Glad her and the pups made people smile! from aww

Katie and John helped to raise Rosie’s babies and take care of mama.

Once the babies grew a bit bigger and were old enough they were put up for adoption as was Rosie.

Thanks to Katie and John they all live in happy loving homes instead of on the streets.

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But the Blacks had a blast with the babies when they were in their home.

As it turns out, puppies who look different than their parents or littermates isn’t that uncommon.

“There can be quite a lot of variation in terms of the appearances of dogs that are closely related, even in the case of two pups from within the same litter,” Pets4Homes writes.

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“When it comes to non-pedigree dogs, mixed breeds and deliberate crossings of two breeds or the subsequent offspring of mixed crossings-like the Labradoodle and Cockapoo – there is a lot more scope for variance, to the point that the color or other manifestations of physical appearance can be quite variable within the same litter.”

So, that’s probably how Rosie ended up with her cow puppies!

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Source: Reddit