Baby cow rejected by farmers finds forever home with man and helps him get married
Jenna the cow was just 3 days old when she met Ryan. She was covered in spray paint as a mark to be put down but something inside Ryan knew she was meant to be in his life.
Elijah Chan

Do you think you’d believe someone who’ll say he met his wife because of a cow?

When we say pets, the first things that come to mind are cats and dogs.

But domesticated animals such as horses, chickens, and cows can build the same companionship with us.

This cow did.

It was with this attitude that Ryan Phillips met Jenna the cow. And he’ll be forever thankful for what Jenna helped him achieve.

Phillips and Jenna met after he saw an ad for a newborn Holstein calf. He drove three hours from home just to see the cow.

Jenna was just 3 days old.

The cow was spray-painted – a sign that she was about to be thrown away.

Jenna was born with a twin brother. This means that Jenna, even though she’s born female, will eventually grow up to be infertile which farmers would have no use for.

Jenna had an advocate.

Instead of being downright killed, however, the farmer’s daughter convinced her father to spare Jenna and just have her adopted.

Phillips, a lover of animals, was the perfect man for the job.

And while 3 days into this earth taught Jenna rejection, the days and years after that taught her love and acceptance.

The love flowed freely.

Phillips was always generous with hugs, scratches, and attention.

And since she never had the chance to meet her mother, Phillips eventually became her parent figure.

But with each passing day, Jenna was growing bigger and bigger. Soon enough, she looked like a thousand-pound puppy.

Good thing Phillips has the perfect place for her.

Phillips runs the Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary.

The non-profit organization houses different farm animals, like chickens, pigs, or other cows.

The farm gives these animals ample space to grow and just be, especially when they’re as big as Jenna.

One bond leads to another

Phillips also records his life at the farm. In his videos, he also shared how he and Jenna met. This is where Mallory Sherman learned about Phillips.

Sherman reached out to Phillips and the two got to know each other.

At first, her intention was to find a way to bring justice to what happened to Jenna. This evolved into constant conversations until they became close.

Sherman then flew out to meet Ryan for the first time. Soon enough, thanks to the “wing cow” who brought them together, Sherman moved in with Phillips.

The “Wing Cow” nickname wouldn’t last long, however.

Wedding bells and bovines

When the two decided to get married, Jenna had the honor of being the groom’s “best cow”. Jenna is a representation of what the two are fighting for.

And through Jenna, they met a person that shares the same principles as them.

It was only fitting for Jenna to have the honor.

Other animals on the farm had their minute under the limelight too especially the chickens and pigs who served as flower animals.

While her dad is now happily married, Jenna is still very much daddy’s girl.

She’s also not as jealous of Sherman and the two have also created a beautiful relationship together.

As for Phillips, all he wants is for Jenna to live her life to the fullest.

“So much of my life has changed due to Jenna coming into my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” says Phillips to Reader’s Digest. “She is truly my best friend and we couldn’t imagine life without each other. My goal is to give her the best happily-ever-after possible.”

See how Jenna went from discarded rescue to “best cow” in the video below!

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By Elijah Chan
Elijah Chan is a contributor at SBLY Media.