Meet the adorable chow puppy who looks just like Oreo ice cream

June 5th, 2020

Cookies and cream may just be one of the greatest flavors ever invented. The world’s most popular ice cream flavor? Vanilla. Everyone’s favorite cookie? Oreos. When you bring this dynamic duo together you get a combo like no other. The only thing that could make this pairing better? Puppies!

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Chief is a Chow-Chow dog who might be from Candyland.

Chief has a nickname that makes a lot of sense when you see him. Oreo Cloud, as some people know him as, is a dog with a speckled coat that looks just like a Cookies and Cream dessert!

His owner is named Sarah Hamilton and she loves him dearly.

When Sarah took Chief home, she couldn’t help but realize his resemblance to “an Oreo McFlurry.” The name seems to fit and people love to keep up with the wonderfully speckled dog.

Chow-Chow breeds sometimes have special coats like this one.

The Chow-Chow breed is truly incredible. Originally bred in China for a variety of tasks, these somber dogs are incredibly strong and have some unique physical traits. The AKC speaks to their appearance:

Their distinctive traits include a lion’s-mane ruff around the head and shoulders; a blue-black tongue; deep-set almond eyes that add to a scowling, snobbish expression; and a stiff-legged gait. Chows can have rough or smooth coats of red, black, blue, cinnamon, or cream.

A Chow-Chow can get pretty big!

Did someone ask for a Supersize? Well, this little McFlurry has some more room to grow and will be a bit larger than he is now. The breed can grow to up to 85 lbs and look dignified the whole way through!

Chief is a wonderful dog and loving friend.

The name Chief is suiting for this young pup. He is a strong leader who loves to learn. Speaking of quick learning, Chief was able to be potty trained by 8 weeks old! He loves to make sure the house is protected and sleeps by the front door every night. He is basically making the statement, “If you want to get to them, you have to go through me!”

He has ambitions of becoming a therapy dog.

As Chief grows up, he is going to begin practicing for a wonderful position as a therapy dog! Sarah has said that she wants Chief to be able to help sick children. Having a huge fluffy bear that you can hug is definitely something that could bring some comfort.

This canine milkshake has quite the Instagram following.

Being no stranger to fame, Chief has over 60k followers on his Instagram! It’s no wonder — the coat combined with his blue eyes makes for a truly striking dog, not to mention one that photographs well.

While some people change with fame, we are all sure that Chief won’t let it go to his head.

This is one dog who is all about his family. As an aspiring therapy dog and current family man, Chief obviously has a heart of gold. If you are interested in keeping up with him and his adventures, you can follow him on his Instagram!

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Source: Instagram, My Modern Met