Rescued Pit Bull Loves Talking With New Mom

December 27th, 2018

It’s the sad truth that not all dogs have a happy life. Maisy, a rescued Pitbull, was living in an outdoor kennel for three years. Now, she spends her days chatting with her new owner.

Maisy was previously owned by a family who wanted to breed her. But that didn’t happen the way they wanted it to. Frustrated, they wanted to put Maisy to sleep. In the meantime, they kept her outside alone in a kennel with limited human interaction. It was a hard and lonely life for the pup.

“At that point, they were like, ‘Well, she’s a waste of money to feed,’” said her new owner, Marisa Elbert. “‘She’s so ugly, nobody’s gonna want her. We’ll just put her down.’”

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But to Maisy’s luck, a friend of her owners offered to take her to a shelter.

But it wasn’t only Maisy who was having a hard and lonely time. When she arrived at the animal shelter, her picture was posted on social media. And that’s how Marisa Elbert found her.

Elbert had been going through a tough time, herself. She had recently lost both of her parents as well as her dog. A thoughtful friend tagged her in the photo of Maisy, thinking it might help her to get a new animal friend.

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Now, Elbert and Maisy talk to one another all day long.

Elbert says Maisy loves to “talk”, and she’s happy to respond by making kind sounds. She refers to it as her “woo-ing”.

“Maisy’s woo-ing was something that made me adopt her,” said Elbert. “She does it when she’s extremely happy or excited. She’s so chatty and we talk all the time.”

Maisy wants to comment on everything she sees. Her owner engages her as if the two of them can really understand one another. Maybe they can, in certain ways.

“We have conversations throughout the day,” said Elbert. “It’s hilarious. The first day when I brought her home, we went down the driveway and I threw some balls for her and she was woo-ing on the way up, woo-ing on the way down. She was just so happy. It’s like she knew she was home.”

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Elbert says she believes Maisy came to her through the intercession of her late parents and Pitbull.

After being outdoors and neglected for such a long time, living in a house with human interaction is new for Maisy. Elbert says she first seemed a little overwhelmed. She wasn’t used to affection, being fed regularly, offered toys, or being indoors.

As for Elbert, she says that Maisy brought her through an incredibly difficult time. Her presence reminded her owner that she had support and encouragement from those who loved her. Maisy has a special ability to sense when her owner is feeling sad or depressed.

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Her solution to get Elbert to cheer up? Lots and lots of doggie kisses.

Elbert says the affectionate pup has turned her entire life around. And it’s not just her human owner she’s charmed. Maisy is also now fast friends with Elbert’s cat Motor. The two of them cuddle and groom one another. It must be an amazing experience to have so much interaction and affection in her life after long years of loneliness.

Maisy also loves Elbert’s two horses and has never been afraid of them. She loves to go feed them each day along with her owner. Elbert says she even tries to kiss and play with them, and sometimes even lays down for a nap in the horse stalls.

Maisy is full of energy and regularly makes Elbert laugh when she tries to exercise her pent-up energy … often inside the house at full speed. But Elbert doesn’t mind. She loves Maisy’s spunk.

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As for her previous owners calling her ugly, Elbert doesn’t agree.

“She’s got this big bowling ball of a head and I think that’s part of her charm,” said Elbert. “You know, she’s just such a stocky tank of a dog with these adorable eyes and this face and these little chopped-off ears. Everything about her is just like a big stuffed animal.”

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Elbert says Maisy’s biggest influence on her is her constant happiness.

The frisky dog is constantly excited about every new development. She definitely looks at her whole life like it’s a party — and she’s teaching her owner how to do it, too. Elbert says Maisy is a perfect model of how to live life with happiness, excitement, and humor.

What’s more, she’s sure her mom and dad would have loved her to pieces.

Watch her video below.

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