Check Out The New Social Network That's All About Cute Pets

June 19th, 2018

Do pets need social media apps? Well, they have one now. Petzbe is a new app for pets. Their owners use it, but they use it from their pet’s perspective. Instead of liking and following each other, users get to sniff, lick, and share stories about their frolics in the dog park or how they got in trouble for shredding the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.

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Andrea Nerep, the founder of Petzbe, is excited about the app.

She said:

“It’s such a positive place to be that’s completely free from human seriousness. Everyone is so funny, loving and supportive of each other, and it’s wonderful to see how empathetic they are to both serious and not serious matters.”

While human social media apps focus on the things that humans do each day, the Petzbe app focuses on things that pets do each day and gives owners a peek into their pets’ perspective. It’s fun and a great way to meet other pet owners. Nerep added:

“If a pet is complaining about food portion sizes, users have reacted exactly as they believe their pets would, saying things like ‘It’s preposterous! I’ve seen my human eating a whole bucket of ice cream, and what do I get?”’

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While the app is made to focus on animals, it’s also a great place for pet owners to find support.

It can even help people open up more about their own problems. When they talk from their pets’ perspective, it makes it a little easier to talk about the complicated issues they may be facing. Nerep shared one story in particular. She said:

“A pet was recently talking about his human coping with a severe depression and asking for advice on how to support her. The other pets and users rallied around the pet and gave her advice, support, and compassion, without even knowing the pet’s human. I’ve truly been amazed by many of the conversations.”

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The creators of the app wanted to make something unique that would help bring pets and pet owners together.

Pets can choose to meet up and have the opportunity to participate in various discussions. They can share photos, stories, and more. Even the press release was given by a pet.

Angus Tegner, a Brussels Griffon and CEO and co-founder of Petzbe, said:

“We’re excited to announce the launch of Petzbe. It’s an awesome opportunity to bring together pets to create a loving feel-good app without human seriousness. With Petzbe the whole world becomes your dog park or cat castle. While humans aren’t allowed to share on their behalf, they may have a glance at the app to enjoy our cuteness.”

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Nala the cat also had some good things to say about the app.

She added:

“My family and I are excited to finally be able to announce our role as principals of the company. I love Petzbe’s positive vibes and that everyone is so loving, supportive and funny. And I’ve enjoyed being able to connect on a more personal level with fellow cats and dogs. Angus, the CEO, and I are good friends, and we’re both super excited about doing this together. I hope my furry friends will enjoy Petzbe as much as I do.”

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The app is a great way to show owners how much their pets are like them and how much they have in common.

It’s a way not only for pets and pet owners to connect with other pets and pet owners but for owners to connect with their own pets, as well.

Nerep said:

“Your pet is a part of you, you’re proud of them, and you want to share these instant moments when they’re funny, cute, silly, and impressive with those who care. Petzbe provides the social and psychological benefits of belonging to a community that’s funny, positive, genuine and supportive of pet posts. There’s no room to be judgmental or cynical, as being the friendly animal lover you are is what matters in our community – nothing else.”

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Now pets can be social, too.

Hopefully, this app will open up a whole new world for pets and help bring more pet owners together. After all, pets like to make new friends and be social, too. Who knows what new apps this will inspire.

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Source: Animal Bliss, Global Newswire