Meet Patrick Stewart’s Cheerful New Foster Pit Bull

April 12th, 2019

Meet Emma: a sweet rescue pit bull who has found the perfect foster dad—British actor Patrick Stewart!

Stewart has been a dog lover his whole life, and in recent years, he began working with animal rescue group Wags and Walks. He shares adoptable dogs on his social media page, and he helps them find good homes.

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Patrick Stewart via Facebook Source: Patrick Stewart via Facebook

Stewart started fostering Emma in April 2019, and he and the pit bull quickly bonded.

“Meet Emma,” Stewart wrote on Twitter. “Our new foster girl from the beautiful folks at Wags and Walks. She’s terribly sweet, and so so good. Sensitive, intelligent, and gentle … all wrapped up in 38 pounds of pocket pittie-mix love.”

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Patrick Stewart via Twitter Source: Patrick Stewart via Twitter

Stewart also shared an adorable photo of him and Emma taking a nap together. The cheerful dog can’t stop smiling—she clearly loves her foster dad!

This isn’t the first time Patrick Stewart has fostered a pit bull from Wags and Walks.

In 2017, Stewart fostered a pit bull named Ginger when he was in LA shooting a movie. The pit bull was two years old, and she’d never had a real home.

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Patrick Stewart via Facebook Source: Patrick Stewart via Facebook

Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell quickly fell in love with Ginger, and they decided they wanted to bring her home with them to the UK. But then, they learned about Britain’s antiquated pit bull ban.

Stewart and Ozell did some research into the ban, and they realized it would be incredibly difficult to get Ginger to the UK. There was even a chance she could be put down simply for being a pit bull.

“There aren’t many times when I’m comfortable leveraging the ‘Pstew Card,’ but this was absolutely an instance where I wanted to pull out all the stops. We called the British Consulate and we called the RSPCA. We spoke with every expert we could, and as it became clear that there in fact was no ‘clear’ answer, we realized we just couldn’t take any risk with Ginger’s life,” Ozell wrote on Facebook.

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Pibble Life via Facebook Source: Pibble Life via Facebook

Stewart and Ozell made the heartbreaking decision to put Ginger up for adoption so she could have the best life possible. Before putting her up for adoption, they paid for surgery on her back legs, since she had a tear in her ACL. They didn’t want her next owners to have to pay for it.

After Ginger had recovered from her surgery, Stewart and Ozell started looking for her forever home. After an extensive search, they found the right home for her, and Stewart said a tearful goodbye.

Sadly, Stewart will have the same problem with Emma—he splits his time between the UK and US, and so he won’t be able to keep the pup permanently. But for now, he and Emma are having a great time together! With Stewart’s help, we’re sure to it won’t take long for Emma to find the right forever home.

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Wags and Walks Source: Wags and Walks

Emma is a sweet, cheerful dog who has been placed with a great foster dad. If you want to help Wags and Walks save more dogs like Emma, consider donating to their organization.

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