Orphaned koala finds comfort with stuffed animal after losing mom

February 28th, 2020

The wildfires running rampant in Australia this past year have caused the loss of numerous lives, including those of countless innocent animals.

This news is not just saddening to those living in Australia but to everyone around the world, particularly for the loss of the innocent animals who were unable to escape the fires.

In times of peril, it is only natural to focus on tending to human lives first, but the world banded together in an attempt to rescue as many animals as possible from the flames.

It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

We don’t always get to witness animals mourning the loss of their loved ones, but this video of a baby female Koala has caught our attention and has left us fighting back tears as she clutches a stuffed animal after losing her mother.

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vetpaulramos via Instagram Source: vetpaulramos via Instagram

Finding comfort

Just as a sad or scared child would seek comfort and safety by tightly grasping onto a stuffed bear, this brave baby koala rescued from the fires has found a friend in a stuffed koala presented to her by an American veterinarian.

The video of the American veterinarian, Paul Ramos, giving the new furry companion to the orphaned koala, has gone viral across all social media platforms and has painted a tear-jerking picture of the devastation and tragedy that has been a result of the wildfires in Australia.

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vetpaulramos via Instagram Source: vetpaulramos via Instagram

While the koala is being held, she is covering her eyes the same way a human would when weeping. As soon as Paul hands over the stuffed animal with a soothing “This is for you,” the baby koala instantly reaches out for its soft embrace and starts nuzzling its neck as though trying to replicate past tender moments with her mother.

While the stuffed animal will never be able to replace her mother, she can now find comfort in the arms of a new friend. And the little koala girl appears happier at the moment as she wraps her tiny arms around its soft body.

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vetpaulramos via Instagram Source: vetpaulramos via Instagram

Reaching out to make a difference – one step at a time

Fighting the war against nature is not something that can be easily won on your own, but if the community stands together, a difference can be made one step at a time.

Paul urges the community to stand together after witnessing the encounter with the baby koala:

“We are all connected, and we can and must do better.”

He continues to explain that with the help of the local community, they will be able to take care of her and eventually release her back into the wild and it all begins with one small step at a time.

And, tonight, one step was giving a small koala a friend.

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vetpaulramos via Instagram Source: vetpaulramos via Instagram

The situation

Biologists and zoologists in Australia are describing the aftermath of the wildfires as a “biological Armageddon” because of its impact on the natural ecology and wildlife.

Even those animals who have not been killed in the fires will suffer from dehydration or starvation as a result of the destruction of their natural habitats and food sources.

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80 trading 24 via Wikimedia Source: 80 trading 24 via Wikimedia

The fires have destroyed over 15 million acres of land, claiming over 1,400 homes and the lives of 24 people in the process. But this is nothing compared to the animal death count, with estimates at almost half a billion. Of these animals, approximately 25,000 koalas have been killed, endangering the survival of the species.

Right now, every koala life is more important than ever.

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