Orphaned Baby Gorilla Just Wants To Be Snuggled

September 12th, 2018

Little Bobga has had a tough go at life. When rescuers found the baby gorilla, he was abandoned and left all alone in a wooden crate.

What’s worse is that he likely witnessed his mother and family meet a terrible end.

This is because mother gorillas would never leave their child unless they were forced to. They are very protective of their babies, according to The Dodo.

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LWC Source: LWC

Tiny apes are often sold as pets when they are separated from their parents. They end up in sketchy zoos, circuses or are even abandoned once they grow too big to handle as a pet.

Bobga’s rescuers believe he was subject to the illegal wildlife trade.

“The little one had to start his life in a small cage tied to a pole,” Sandra Henoch, spokesperson for Pro Wildlife of Germany, told The Dodo. “He is probably a victim of the illegal wildlife trade.”

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LWC Source: LWC

Thankfully Bobga was taken in by the Limbe Wildlife Center (LWC) in Cameroon which is supported by Pro Wildlife.

Now Bobga has a new family and is doing quite well in their care.

He’s making strong connections with his caretakers and is well on his way to growing up to be a big grown-up gorilla. Look at him below having a nice meal to grow healthy and strong.

Baby gorilla Bobga enjoying some aframomum

Rescued baby gorilla Bobga has been learning how to forage and now loves his aframomum! For baby animals like Bobga, it is important to teach him how to extract the yummy part out of the aframomum – just like his mother would have taught him. In the wild, gorillas love eating aframomum and so all our primates receive it everyday (sustainably sourced from the local community) to make sure they have a well-balanced diet.#Gorilla #Primate #LimbeWildlifeCentre #Cameroon #Africa #Animal #Rescue

Posted by Limbe Wildlife Centre on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Each and every day, Bobga’s caretakers will make sure all of his needs are fulfilled.

They feed him lots of milk, provide him with fresh fruits and browse.

They also make sure he gets lots of tickles and lots of play time.

Daily care for baby gorilla Bobga

As it’s Animal Sanctuary Caregiver Day today, we would like to introduce you to Killi, one of our most dedicated animal caregivers. He has worked at LWC for 16 years and has been the Head of Quarantine since 2008. Everyday he shows exceptional commitment to the animals and outstanding leadership skills. Thank you Killi and all the animal caregivers at LWC for your tireless work to improve the health and welfare of all our rescued animals. #AnimalSanctuaryCaregiverDay #Gorilla #Primate #LimbeWildlifeCentre #Cameroon #Africa #endangeredspecies #endwildlifecrime

Posted by Limbe Wildlife Centre on Friday, June 8, 2018

“Bobga has been busy learning skills from his dedicated caretakers as part of his rehabilitation — including foraging, playing, learning social skills, stimulating curiosity, climbing and grooming,” Limbe Wildlife Center’s primate well-being and population manager Peggy Motsch said.

Their goal is to ensure that Bobga would be able to survive in the wild on his own. And so far, the Limbe Wildlife Center says Bobga is doing just great in that department.

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LWC Source: LWC

“Bobga has grown into a playful, confident and strong gorilla,” Motsch said. “Every day he exhibits the skills he would need to survive in a semi-free enclosure and, hopefully one day, for being back in the wild.”

This little cutie loves to kick around the soccer ball. He also loves to climb and cuddle.

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Limbe Wildlife Center/Caters Source: Limbe Wildlife Center/Caters

This will help him with his dexterity, to climb trees, and feel safe and connected to those who are caring for him.

You can see him taking a cuddle break with his caretaker Alvin above.

“It is important for him to feel safe and secure with his caretakers,” LWC wrote on its Facebook page. “This picture captures a tender moment of rest between Bobga and one of his dedicated caretakers, Alvin.”

Baby gorilla Bobga vs football

It's important to give different types of enrichment to animals. See how Bobga reacts to and plays with a football! We're not sure he'll make the national squad but he seemed to enjoy it! #gorilla #enrichment #Bobga #primate #LimbeWildlifeCentre #Cameroon #Africa #football #worldcup

Posted by Limbe Wildlife Centre on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bobga is much happier now than when his rescuers first found him.

He even has a new family of caretakers.

And maybe one day, he’ll start a family of his own in the wild.

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Source: The Dodo