Zoo Shares X-Rays Of Their Animals And It's Pretty Freaky

October 21st, 2018

Zoos are a very special place. They are a place we can go to learn about animals and get to see them up close and personal.

We also get to see them do some pretty silly things.

We get to see their newborn babies, we get to see them interact with each other in hilarious ways, and sometimes we’ll even get a smile or a wave hello.

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Oregon Zoo Source: Oregon Zoo

But Oregon Zoo showed us a completely different side of their animal inhabitants.

And these photos come just in time for Halloween.

And the internet is absolutely loving it.

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Oregon Zoo Source: Oregon Zoo

These photos show whats on the inside of their animals.

That’s because the photos of are of animal X-rays.

Each year the animals at the zoo have their annual checkups.

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Oregon Zoo Source: Oregon Zoo

Animals are weighed, checked by expert veterinarians and given X-rays with a state-of-the-art scanner that can X-ray all kinds of animals from bears to elephants.

This specialized scanner helps doctors study the animals without putting them under anesthesia for long periods of the time, IFL Science! reports.

“This decreased anesthesia time means lower risk and improved safety for patients. They can also digitally archive images for later comparison, and share X-rays with consultants and veterinary staff at other zoos,” the zoo said in a press release.

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Oregon Zoo Source: Oregon Zoo

The digital system produces images that have great detail and impeccable clarity which helps ensure excellent health care for the animals.

But how do you get an X-ray of a 320-pound Amur tiger?

“Very carefully, of course — and with state-of-the-art equipment, funded largely by a 2009 donation from Banfield Pet Hospital,” the press release said.

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Oregon Zoo Source: Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo thought it would be fun to share these “amazing and gothy” X-rays that provide a unique look at their animals.

“With Halloween approaching, the zoo compiled a spectacularly spooky set of X-rays — chameleon, toucan, beaver, bat, tiger, and eagle — for a fun video on the zoo’s YouTube channel.

You can watch a video of the X-rays below.

Source: Xperience

In addition to their video, they posted their photos on Twitter.

Those photos went viral and were liked more than 17,000 times.

You can find even more animal X-rays on their Twitter page.

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Oregon Zoo Source: Oregon Zoo

But that’s not all the Oregon Zoo is featured on their social media pages for Halloween.

Their elephants are getting in on the Halloween fun.

They got to roll around some giant pumpkins and had lots of fun smashing them up and eating them. And it was insanely adorable to say the least. Check out that video below.

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Source: Oregon Zoo