Nanny outnumbered against 5 panda cubs up to no good

February 20th, 2020

The adorable panda cubs from the Chengdu Research Base are at it again! These sweet little tykes are once again giving their panda nanny a hard time while she is attempting to carry out her daily duties.

Not that we mind at all – the Pandapia videos are the bread and butter of adorable panda entertainment on YouTube, and we simply love the videos!

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pandapia HD via YouTube Source: pandapia HD via YouTube

Meet the group

One of their latest videos shows some of the panda antics at the Chengdu Research Base, where we can see the five naughty yet precious pandas at it again! Little QiQi, DianDian, JingYun, XiaoYa, and XiaoChuan are not making their nanny’s life any easier.

In the beginning, two of the pandas are tumbling and rolling innocently on the wooden platform, one is even kicking and clawing at a light sheet. Two more can be seen waltzing after their nanny who is carrying one of them back to rejoin the troop.

After she places the cub on the platform, she picks the sheet up to shake it out and replace it neatly, but the pandas are stubborn as ever and two grab onto it. Defeated in the struggle, the pandas got off the platform, giving her time to replace the sheet.

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pandapia HD via YouTube Source: pandapia HD via YouTube

But not long after it has been placed, the tykes are soon tugging and tumbling on the sheet again. The nanny unsuccessfully attempts to straighten it out, as her attempts are met with one of the cubs nibbling and biting at her sleeve.

Laughing, she grabs hold of the cub and nuzzles him before dragging three of them off to get them away from the sheet. The three stumble and tumble until she walks away, and they begin playfully wrestling with one another.

The other two pandas are left to snuggle with their prize.

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pandapia HD via YouTube Source: pandapia HD via YouTube

The Chengdu Research Base

These cubs are only a few of the pandas who call the Chengdu Research Base home. However, the base is not only a research facility but also an educational opportunity for people to stop by and see what pandas are like in person.

The base is famous for protecting and breeding giant pandas and red pandas to save these beautiful creatures from extinction. It all started with six sickly and starving pandas rescued in the early 1980s and has since grown to 176 pandas – the largest artificially bred population in the world.

A lot of the hard work at the Chengdu Research Base is thanks to the panda nannies. The nannies are caretakers whose primary duties are to play with, snuggle, and love the panda cubs – which sounds like a dream come true if you ask me!

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pandapia HD via YouTube Source: pandapia HD via YouTube

Pandas have made a remarkable recovery

Panda lovers will be happy to hear that giant pandas have been removed from the IUCN’s (International Union for Conservation of Nature) endangered species list as of September 2016. While the lovable creatures are still classified as a vulnerable species, they are in the clear and the species is making a swift recovery.

The giant pandas were first declared endangered in 1990 as a result of poaching and deforestation. Bamboo is the giant panda’s primary food source, and with deforestation and expansion of agricultural areas, the giant pandas were left with minimal food sources.

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pandapia HD via YouTube Source: pandapia HD via YouTube

But, as the video of the fiendish five displays, the giant pandas are on the road to recovery and are as mischievous, cuddly, and lovable as ever!

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