Man and his pet parrot melt hearts with the way they bond at Home Depot
This is such a cute friendship. Beau is a 15-year-old Cockatoo with some pretty strange interests for a bird and it makes him the perfect soulmate for his dad.
D.G. Sciortino

Beau is an odd bird. The 15-year-old cockatoo has, what some would say, are strange interests for a bird.

Beau loves his daddy, skateboarding, and trips to Home Depot.

But he loves his daddy the most. Beau and daddy Brian met after Brian did an internet search looking for a pet bird.

Though Brian and his partner Danielle have two boxers and a tortoise, Brian always wanted a pet bird.

He did an internet search and found a cockatoo that was turned in by his family.

After driving over three hours to pick Beau up, Brian said it was love at first sight.

“I saw him and he saw me. He was instantly drawn to me,” Beau tells The Dodo. “It was one of those feelings that you get where the animal picks you.”

Beau spent the whole car ride home perched on Brian’s shoulder.

And when they finally got home, Beau didn’t want to leave Brian’s side.

“He just wanted to be close to me. Day in and day out. No matter where I was. If I left he would scream. If I came home, he was quiet. As long as he was with me he was happy and vice versa. Everytime I saw him I was happy.”

Brian is fond of skateboarding around his neighborhood and decided to let Beau join him when he would skate around the block.

Beau would perch right on Brian’s shoulder as he skated around the neighborhood.

Though Beau has all of his flight feathers, he’s never wanted to fly.

“He would stare at me and start bobbing his head, so I took the next step and put out my hand, and he just put his wings out one day, and he was cruising,” Brian explains. “He loved it!”

Many of Brian’s friends are perplexed when it comes to the bond that he shares with Beau.

And Brian can’t explain it either.

They just really love each other. Beau also loves going on car rides and getting to hit the town.

Brian will bring him to the mall, restaurants, and even Beau’s favorite place, Home Depot.

“He just gets so excited. He has to be on the cart, and he runs around the cart, and he sits on the front,” Brian says of their trips to Home Depot.

“I love this!” Beau croaks in a video of him at Home Depot.

The Dodo - YouTube
The Dodo - YouTube

Brian says that Beau has had an incredible impact on his life.

“He’s a lifelong companion especially one with the lifespan of this guy which is 60 to 70 years. I don’t look at him as a pet anymore. I look at him as an extension of the family,” Brian explains. “Beau changed my life because he’s fulfilled something that I didn’t know I needed.”

Brian loves Beau so much, he even got a tattoo of Beau on himself. And Beau seems to like it.

“The way he looks at the tattoo of himself and says ‘Hello,’ oh my God!” wrote on commenter on YouTube.

Check out Beau and his happy skateboarding and trips to Home Depot in the video below!

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By D.G. Sciortino
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