Man Finds Cat Already Living In His New House

July 10th, 2018

Jeff Saul was excited to move into his new house in California. He and his new roommates moved all their things in and began making the house into a home.

Suddenly, Saul and his roommates heard meowing outside the front door. They ran out there and found a Calico cat staring up at them in confusion.

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When Saul saw the cat, he remembered something the previous tenants had told him. The previous tenants had moved from California to Texas. While they were in the process of packing up everything, their cat Crispy got scared, and she ran away from home.

The family searched and searched, but they couldn’t find the cat anywhere.

The previous tenant’s young daughter was devastated about losing her cat. Sadly, though, the family had to leave.

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At first, Saul wasn’t sure if this cat was Crispy. But then, she ran into the house like she owned it, and Saul started to suspect it was her.

“Once I heard it, I opened our front door to see her run inside,” Saul told The Dodo. “She ran to our living room to only have the most confused look on her face. I felt bad for the young girl, she ran to other rooms to only come to emptiness.”

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Crispy went from room to room, looking for all her old furniture and her favorite people. And when she couldn’t find them, she got upset.

Saul felt bad for the cat—he was sure she was confused and missed her family. Saul and his roommates pet the cat and fed her, trying to help her feel better. Their kindness helped calm Crispy, and she relaxed and let the new tenants play with her.

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Later that day, one of the previous tenant’s friends came over to grab something they left behind. Saul asked her about the cat, and she confirmed it was the long-lost Crispy. She called her friends and told them the good news.

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The friend told Saul she would take Crispy home with her. She was planning on going to Texas soon, and she would bring Crispy along. Saul and his roommates said goodbye to their new cat friend, and she went off to her new home.

Saul was so happy to hear that Crispy would soon be reunited with her family.

“She’s said that they’re really happy,” Saul said. “I just hope the young daughter is better hearing that their Crispy is coming home.”

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We’re sure that poor Crispy was very confused when she walked into her house and found strangers living there. Thankfully, Saul and his friends showed Crispy kindness during this confusing moment in her life. Now, Crispy is on her way back to her beloved family!

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Source: The Dodo