Man reunites with his donkey and both of them start bawling when they see each other
Have you ever seen a donkey cry before?
D.G. Sciortino

Many of us are really missing our family and friends while we’re in lockdown because of the coronavirus.

Fernández, who lives in Spain, was also really missing his family.

He couldn’t wait to visit the countryside where some people very special to him live.

Posted by Ismael Fernández onSunday, August 30, 2015

Fernández’s brother has a pet donky named Baldomera.

Little did he know, Baldomera was really missing him too.

Fernández would normally be at his brother’s place at least once a week.

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The two brothers love to walk the hills, spend quality time together with each other, and Baldomera, or Baldo, for short.

But the quarantine orders put a pin in their routine.

When the quarantine orders were finally lifted, Fernández knew exactly where he would go first.

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“Many people wanted to go out to bars, but I wanted to visit my donkey. I missed her a lot,” Fernández told The Dodo. “The first thing that I did was go see her.”

The first thing Fernández did when he got to his family’s farm was call out for Baldo. He was afraid that she might not recognize him. But those fears were unfounded.

Sorry I didnt day goodbye on instagram live because I run out Of battery. Please I hope u say to us how you wish happy birthday in your languaje to Baldomera #5yearsold #happybirthday

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Baldo came running at the sound of Fernández’s voice! The two couldn’t haven been happier to see one another.

It was actually an emotional moment.

Fernández broke down in tears. And then so did Baldo. Fernández just held Baldo as they both cried.

No os perdáis la reacción de Baldomera

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“I started crying. I was so happy to be seeing her,” Fernández said. “And when she saw me, she started crying. I never heard that sound from her before. She cried with me. We cried together.”

I’m not sure what was more heartwrenching. Fernández’s cry… or Baldo’s.

“I’m not ashamed that you hear me cry, because here is one of the most unconditional demonstrations of love that exist,” Fernández wrote in a post on Facebook.

Good afternoon sweeties. Where is my #donkeyicon? I am not a 🐴or a 🦄! @emojipedia I want my own icon! Help us sharing!

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Baldo’s cry was a bit more dramatic if I do say so. Poor Baldo was braying and hee-hawing loudly.

It sounded like a toddler’s hysterical cry. Thankfully, they were just a lot of happy tears.

Since then, Baldo and Fernández have been inseparable. It seems that Baldo definitely has a favorite brother.

Poco a poco os iré contando la cantidad de cositas tan chulas que han surgido estos días Y aquí una de las que más me ha gustado, la agencia creativa Acapulco nos ha regalado una ilustración de Baldomera que es una pasadaEn este vídeo os lo cuento 💚💚💚

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“I think my brother is a little jealous. He’s been here all the time, taking very good care of her, but now she’s so much happier,” Fernández said. “She only wants to be with me.”

Good morning everybody! Today I cant be with Baldo, because I have some paperwork to do in the city, so I leave you This wonderfull moment Of happy mesa Of Baldo :))) have s nice day!

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They still let Fernández’s brother tag along on their walks.

That time of separation helped Fernández and Baldo realize how strong their love for each other is.

Fernández never knew how large he loomed in Baldo’s heart.

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But that was made very clear when they were finally reunited.

Because to Fernández, Baldo is just another member of his family.

And he knows that she feels the same way.

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“Animals like Baldo have a heart. Animals have feelings. Animals feel what you feel. They empathized with us,” he said, adding that for the people in Baldo’s life, she’s more than just a pet. “For us, she’s family.”

And that’s definitely clear of Fernández’s reunion video with Baldo. It ended up going viral and was viewed more than 677,000 times.

Baldo has since become an internet celebrity. He even has his own Facebook page here. You can watch Fernández’s emotional reunion with Baldomoment in the video below.

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No me da vergüenza que me oigáis llorar, porque aquí está una de las demostraciones de amor más incondicionales que existen. La de la mi burra y amiga BALDOMEREEEEEEEERA al verme después de dos meses (aviso a sensiblones como yo: ella también llora)Y yo venía todo el camino a Él Borge preparándome por si no me reconocía…

Posted by Ismael Fernández on Monday, May 18, 2020

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