These Two Lovebirds Are The Definition Of Relationship Goals

July 16th, 2018

Lovebirds are known for, well, being lovers. When they find a mate they often are very closely bonded, hence where their name comes from.

“Many people believe lovebirds come in pairs because they often see photos of two lovebirds cuddled up against one another. No doubt, a lovebird often forms a deep bond with another lovebird,” Lafeber Veterinarians website reports.

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But Kiwi was happy to live the bachelor life with his human Maura. But eventually, his romantic instincts kicked in as he got older and began to feel lonely.

Kiwi’s quest for love would turn into the greatest love story on the internet this week.

But it began with a rocky start. Maura realized that her Kiwi, a rainbow-colored lovebird with bold green, yellow, orange and red colors, was in need of a companion. So, she got him one.

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A beautiful peach-faced baby lovebird made a fine companion for Kiwi. But only for a short while. Their romance was passionate but short-lived.

These two just couldn’t make it work.

They would fight and just didn’t get along after a while. Things got so bad that Maura ended up having to rehome the peach-faced lovebird.

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Though he had been burned before, Kiwi wasn’t about to give up on his quest for love. He was, after all, a lovebird.

The peach-faced lovebird just wasn’t his type.

As they say, opposites attract and Kiwi was looking for his opposite. Maura introduced Kiwi to Siouxsie and it was love at first sight for Kiwi.

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Siouxsie, a black-masked lovebird, would be Kiwi’s new “goth girlfriend.”

But unlike his first girlfriend, it took a little while for them to build their relationship.

But it didn’t take that long for them to fall madly in love.

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They are polar opposites,” Maura told BuzzFeed. “Kiwi is a super friendly fun-loving boy, and Siouxsie is very shy and all business. She didn’t like Kiwi at all at first and would bite if he got near her. However, he won her over quickly.”

Eventually, the two made their relationship official.

They would perch together all the time and even spend the night in the same coconut.

They became more like husband and wife, rather than boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Before they knew it, Siouxsie became pregnant and the couple would be expecting some babies.

Siouxsie laid some eggs and eventually four baby birds hatched from them.

Two of them were black masked like their mom and two of them had yellow faces similar to their dad.

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And they make the cutest most colorful family you’ve ever seen.

And the internet is absolutely in love with them.

Maura says it’s “the best love story since Romeo & Juliet,” except Kiwi and Siouxsie’s story has a happy ending.

Their photos have been retweeted and liked hundreds of thousands of times on Twitter.

They are just one big happy adorable family.

And Maura is pretty stoked about her new role helping out as a bird mom. You can check out her full thread on these two lovebirds below.

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Source: BuzzFeed