Guy thinks his cat tried to climb into his hammock with him only it ends up being a wild animal

June 29th, 2020

People who own animals just can’t get enough of them. Although pets can be anything, including dogs, horses, reptiles, and more, a cat is a favorite for a lot of individuals. Sure, they’re independent creatures but most of them also love to cuddle.

Best snuggle bugs

The cats that enjoy snuggling with their owners are the best. Sometimes, they nestle into their humans’ lap while other times, they enjoy lounging around with them outside. Regardless, there are few things better than a kitty who comes to cuddle.

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The ideal place to rest

For one man, he loves spending time outside relaxing in his hammock. And who can blame him. These things are super comfortable. As a matter of fact, a lot of individuals hang a hammock where they enjoy taking a quiet afternoon nap.

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He’s a cat owner

This guy, whose name is Aaron Reynolds, also has a beautiful cat. While the kitty wasn’t too sure about the hammock at first, he’s discovered it’s a great place to snuggle up with his human. One evening, Aaron decided to go outside, where under the stars, he could listen to the Rolling Stones.

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Things get even better

Before too long, the sky turned black. But Aaron didn’t care. He was in a peaceful place right where he wanted to be with his music. Although everything was ideal, the situation became even better when his cat decided to join him.

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An unexpected turn of events

Aaron thought that with his cat by his side, the night couldn’t get any better…it got worse. You see, the animal that had come to nestle up with him in the hammock wasn’t his cat at all. It wasn’t even a feline.

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Pexels/Pixaby Source: Pexels/Pixaby

A cute raccoon

What he thought was his kitty joining him was actually a raccoon. But the funny thing is that before he realized that, Aaron had coaxed the animal to join him. In response, this critter happily obliged. For a minute, the two just stared at each other.

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Making the next move

We’re sure they were both shocked. But Aaron knew he needed to do something. So, in his own words, this was his next step.

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Twitter@aaronreynolds Source: Twitter@aaronreynolds

A little precarious

But as Aaron explained, that didn’t turn out so well. You see, as he tried to put his foot on the ground, it caused the raccoon to slide even closer to him. This spooked the animal that was desperately trying to scramble out of the hammock. Aaron further explains.

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Twitter@aaronreynolds Source: Twitter@aaronreynolds

The best part

With that, Aaron shouted out some kind of profanity to which the raccoon responded with a low grunting/growling type noise. As he moved quickly to get off the hammock, Aaron falls to the ground. The next thing he knew… he was looking up at the raccoon that took over his space.

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Pinterest/Millstone Wildlife Center Source: Pinterest/Millstone Wildlife Center

Not a happy ending

So, the raccoon ended up in the hammock while poor Aaron went back inside the house. But that wasn’t the worst part. While trying to get away from this wild animal, he apparently pulled something. Ultimately, he flopped on the couch, not feeling quite as good as he did at the start of the evening.

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The moral of the story…if you’re going to snuggle with your cat in a hammock, always do a double take.

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