Person Had Guilt Over Cat That Died But Internet Responds

August 6th, 2018

Losing a pet is like losing a member of your family. It’s quite horrible and can leave you in a total state of devastation and depression.

And sometimes it’s hard to come out of something like that.

That’s why one person turned to the internet for the advice of strangers on how best to cope with the loss of his cat.

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The response was overwhelming.

The thread became full of people sharing their story and words of wisdom.

It’s a great read if you’re through a loss or know someone who is.

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My cat died in my bedroom while I was still sleeping. And while I couldn’t have done anything about it, I feel guilty because I might have heard her die. How do I stop feeling guilty about this and move on?” the person wrote on Quora.

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Many people told long tales about their own pets telling the person that “you did good,” and that he has absolutely no reason to feel guilty because he gave the cat the best life that he could.

“Actually, you were there,” said commenter Michael Duncan.

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“Your cat chose to be with you. I don’t think it matters much that you were sleeping. Your cat must have found a lot of trust and comfort in you. You took her in and gave her a good life for her WHOLE life! What a privilege. And you might not have realized it, but you gave her comfort in her death as well.”

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Other people told the thread author that he was lucky that he didn’t have to put his cat down and that the cat left this world on its own.

“Your cat lived her life and died peacefully in her sleep. She even chose to be close to you when the end came. Lucky, lucky you,” commenter Brooke Narejo said.

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Eventually, people did give him advice telling him that he will get over it with time.

Also that eventually, he could find a new pet to fill the void.

Another person tried to dissect his guilt explaining all the different reasons that people tend to feel guilt and suggesting that he takes a look at why he feels this way.

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“There is no reason to feel guilt. Grief, however, can be an overwhelming emotion, and appears in many forms; it does strange things to our minds, and vice versa,” Mike Martson said.

You can see the full thread here.

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