Grandpa and Dog Have Best Halloween Costume Ever

November 2nd, 2018

The best kind of costume is a group costume.

It’s a chance for loved ones and best buds to join forces to create some festive fun.

That’s why 87-year-old Henry wanted to make sure his Halloween costume was something his best friend could join in on.

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kooper_arya_thefluffypack Source: kooper_arya_thefluffypack

His best friend is his golden retriever Peyton.

He’s had Peyton since Peyton was just a puppy.

And now Henry includes Peyton in just about everything he does. He loves her a whole lot.

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Matt Poulton Source: Matt Poulton

“My grandpa is obsessed with Peyton! She’s our family dog and they live together in the same house,” Henry’s grandson, Matt Poulton, told The Dodo. “She sleeps in his room and loves to lay next to him throughout the day. They spend most of the day in the house together.”

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Up Source: Up

This is why Henry is such a fan of the Disney Pixar film “Up.”

“Up” is a 2009 animated comedy-drama that is categorized as a “buddy drama.”

It’s about a widower named Carl Fredericksen who and a boy name Russell who meet a golden retriever named Dug who instantly becomes attached to Carl.

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Up Source: Up

“We always said that my grandpa looks like [the character] Mr. Fredricksen,” Poulton said.

Since Henry always keeps Henry in mind in all the things he does, he wanted to pick our a group Halloween costume for he and his dog.

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Pixar/Walt Disney Pictures Source: Pixar/Walt Disney Pictures

Of course Carl Fredericksen in “Up” was the first choice.

And boy did this hit this one on the nose.

Henry went dressed in Carl’s signature bow tie and blazer and using his cane with four feet that sit inside of tennis balls.

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Matt Poulton Source: Matt Poulton

Henry, of course, was carrying a colorful array of balloons just like the ones Carl used to make his house fly.

And Peyton looked exactly like Dug, no costume needed.

The two of them looked absolutely adorable together.

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Little Sloth Source: Little Sloth

“He always talks about her to other people,” Poulton said. “They definitely make each other happy.”

More than 30 million buy costumes for their pets this Halloween.

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Communikait Source: Communikait

They will spend $480 million in the process, according to MarketWatch.

That was more than double the $220 million that was spent on pet Halloween costumes in 2010.

It represents about 15 percent of all costume sales total $3.2 billion.

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enelprincesofthemoon Source: enelprincesofthemoon

And people absolutely love doing group costumes with their dog. People get super creative with it and come up with some amazing things.

My absolutely favorite I’ve seen so far is this girl who dressed up as Wayne and her dog dressed up as Garth from Wayne’s World.

You can find more awesome pet group costumes here.

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Source: The Dodo