Golden Retriever Saves Baby Koala

October 1st, 2018

Dogs are pretty amazing creatures. They seem to always do the right thing, and most of them are more trustworthy than some humans. Dogs can be vicious and ferocious if they have to be, but most choose to be gentle and loving. Even when other animals need help, it’s usually dogs that come to the rescue.

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Kerry McKinnon Source: Kerry McKinnon

That’s exactly what happened with a dog named Asha.

Asha is a golden retriever. The breed is friendly, loyal, and one of the gentlest in the dog world. It’s no wonder so many people choose to keep them as pets. Although Asha’s owners have always known her to be a good dog, she was recently tested.

Her owner Kerry shared a story about Asha, saying:

“It was quite early in the morning, and my husband yelled out to me to come have a look at something. I didn’t know what he was talking about at first, but then I saw this tiny koala snuggled on top of Asha.”

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Kerry McKinnon Source: Kerry McKinnon

Asha wasn’t sure what was going on.

What was this thing, and why was it on her back? She could have gotten mad or even scared and took off running, but instead, she chose to comfort it. She took the koala to her owner. She knew Kerry would know what to do with it. Kerry said:

“I just burst out laughing. Poor Asha didn’t know what to think, she just kept looking at me with such a confused look. She looked a bit guilty when I came out to see what was going on. Her expression was hilarious.”

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Kerry McKinnon Source: Kerry McKinnon

Her owner couldn’t stop laughing long enough to help, and she wasn’t really sure what to do with the koala, either.

Kerry left the koala with the dog and noticed that it seemed to be very comfortable. Asha wasn’t acting hurt or aggressive toward the koala, so Kerry figured it was OK to leave them together. She added:

“She kept looking back at the koala, but she wasn’t trying to get him off her or anything. She was happy to let him snuggle into her.”

Kerry isn’t sure how the dog ended up on Asha’s back, but she is glad that Asha allowed it to stay there. She thinks the dog may have saved the baby. She explained:

“I think the baby koala fell out of his mum’s pouch and didn’t know what to do. Asha definitely saved the koala’s life by keeping him warm. He would have died out there if left alone all night. The poor thing could have been taken by a fox or something, too.”

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Kerry McKinnon Source: Kerry McKinnon

Kerry is proud of Asha but not particularly surprised.

Asha has always been very motherly and protective. It makes sense that she wanted to protect the koala, too. Kerry said:

“I think dogs have that protective instinct. The koala didn’t want to leave Asha’s back. When we took the koala off to wrap it in a blanket, it hissed at me and carried on. I think it would have been happy to have just slept there all day. It was really an amazing thing to see and so uniquely Australian.”

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Kerry McKinnon Source: Kerry McKinnon

Kerry had to separate the two friends, so the baby koala could be sent somewhere to get the care it needs.

She first took it to the vet, who helped her find someone who could rehabilitate it and make sure it was returned to the wild.

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Laraza Chicago Source: Laraza Chicago

Asha was given a treat for being such a good girl and taking such good care of the little koala.

Her owner also shared her story online, where everyone called Asha a hero. She definitely is. Few dogs would tolerate a koala on their back. Asha knew she had to take care of the baby, though, and that’s exactly what she did. Her owner has taught her well and should be very proud of her.

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