German Shepherd puppy always copies everything his big brother does

August 11th, 2020

Siblings can have complex relationships, but ultimately, the younger siblings will always look up to their elders!

So when a dog mom from Sweden introduced a new puppy to her two-year-old German Shepherd, she wasn’t quite sure how they were going to take to each other. You never know if there’s going to be some sibling jealousy when a new dog is introduced into the family, so it’s natural to be hesitant about the initial meeting.

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. Talking without saying a word 😄 . Lilo: catch me if you can Enzo: ? 🙄 . . . . .

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But adorably, the sweet little guy named Lilo sees his older brother Enzo as the perfect role model – so much so that he copies his every move! The brothers’ human mom shares adorable snaps of the pair eating together, napping together, and going for walks together, and seeing these two dogs’ special bond is truly the most heartwarming thing.

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. Enzo & Lilo 🥰 . . . . . #enzoandlilo . . . . . . . .

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“I couldn’t dream of a better team than Enzo and Lilo,” the dogs’ mom said on Instagram. “Enzo is a perfect big brother, he has lot of patience but he also can say no when it’s enough. Lilo can’t be without Enzo, she gets so sad when she can’t find him.”

The dogs’ Instagram is called enzo.swe, and we thought we’d share our favorite snaps with you below!

1. Little and Large

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. Siblings 😊😍💙❤️ . .

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Identical snouts? Check. Identical startled eyes? Check. Identical pointed ears? Check. This pair look as if they belong together! Isn’t it simply adorable how Enzo is still in that puppy stage where he hasn’t grown into his ears yet?

Just look at how these brothers are snuggled up close together. You can see what a special bond these two have, and it really warms our hearts!

2. Shared adventures

When we say Enzo and Lilio do everything together, we really mean it! The super-close siblings even ride in the car together – so as their owner rightfully points out, she may need a bigger car soon! But for now, the two best friends can enjoy snuggling up and riding to new places together.

3. Mini-me

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. The famous staircase 😄🥰 . . . . . .

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If Enzo sits on the staircase, then you’ve guessed it, so does Lido. They’re even looking in the same direction and pulling almost the exact same facial expression! Lido really is Enzo’s mini-me.

4. Sharing is caring

Everyone knows that sticks are one of a dog’s favorite things to play with, so we think it’s incredible that these two can happily share! Despite the tricky height distance, Enzo and Lilo are both attempting to carry the stick between them as they go on their walk. Our hearts can’t take much more of this!

We loved sharing these adorable pics with you, and if you’ve fallen in love with these siblings as much as us, you can check out their Instagram for more adorable photos!

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Source: enzo.swe