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German Shepherds are known far and wide as being some of the most beautiful, intelligent, and loyal dogs in existence. These gentle giants are ideal for families. Even though they can grow to an enormous size — male Shepherds can weigh up to 90 lbs. — they have a natural gentleness and affection. No wonder they’ve earned a reputation as being “gentle giants.”

But they’re also fiercely loyal and brave. With intelligence that outstrips many other breeds, they are highly trainable. This is why they’re often the ideal choice for law enforcement, military, and rescue dogs.

In short: there’s little a German Shepherd can’t do. They’re wonderful with families, wonderful as workers, and wonderful for single owners. All they want is to be beside you.

So, the bottom line is we think German Shepherds are amazing. In fact, we think everyone should adopt one. But people don’t like being told what to do, so we’re going to try another tactic: reverse psychology.

Without further ado, we’ll tell you why you should never, ever get a German Shepherd, because they’re the worst dogs. Getting one will NOT result in having a lifetime friend.