'Friendly, Happy Dog' Put To Sleep Because Of Looks

January 29th, 2019

Fair warning: you may need a tissue while reading this one.

Although this story is absolutely tragic and heartbreaking – it’s a story that has to be shared and has to be talked about so that we can prevent it from ever happening again.

A sweet, gentle, and adorable dog named Bailey was ordered to be put to sleep due to a ridiculous law that the RSPCA calls “outdated and ineffective”.

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Caroline Allen, the chief veterinary officer of the RSPCA, described Bailey as “friendly, playful and full of love.” However, despite his beautiful demeanor, he was ordered to be euthanized because of how he looked.

The devastated staff spent Bailey’s last hours with him – playing with him and cuddling with him. They felt helpless because a law was forcing their hand at something they just couldn’t believe in one bit.

In the UK, there is a law called the Dangerous Dogs Act, also known as Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). It requires that certain breeds are put to sleep.

The RSPCA took to their website in order to shine light on this incredibly unjust legislation. Despite their outcries, the government says that they have no commitment at this time to changing the law.

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On their website, the RSPCA says:

“In the UK, BSL bans the ownership of four different types of dogs traditionally bred for fighting: pit bull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero.

“Dogs suspected of being a banned type are typically seized by the police and can spend significant time in kennels away from their owners during which they are assessed to determine whether or not the dog is a banned type.

“Whilst some dogs will return home to be kept under strict conditions, sadly, some have to be euthanised – because of the way they look.”

Heartbreakingly, in 2017, 81 dogs were put down all because of ‘how they look’. The RSPCA said many could have been rehomed.

Many charities who are dedicated to helping save the lives of dogs are forced to put them to sleep because it’s illegal to even try and rehome these breeds of dogs.

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“Bailey was a lovely, friendly, happy dog. He was gentle and kind, playful and fun-loving.

“In any other circumstances we’d have helped him get better, sent him to one of our rehoming centres and found him a wonderful family to spend the rest of his life with.

“But Bailey’s life was tragically and unfairly cut short due to BSL,” Allen said.

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The RSPCA put together a beautiful video of Bailey, watch below.

The RSPCA, and many other charities, are urging the government to re-examine the law and take a different approach when it comes to dogs displaying ‘concerning behavior’ – no matter the breed. They also hope to introduce more education, especially for children, on how to behave and be safe around dogs.

Dr. Sam Gaines, the RSPCA’s dog welfare expert and lead author of Breed Specific Legislation: A Dog’s Dinner, said:

“Bailey’s story is heartbreaking and, sadly, it’s one I hear all too often. These are dogs who have shown no signs of aggressive behaviour and given no indications that they would be unsuitable for rehoming. They pose no risk to public safety but are labelled ‘dangerous’ simply because they look a certain way. They’ve scored a certain number of ticks on a checklist and that has sealed their fate.

BSL is an outdated, ineffective and unjust piece of legislation that urgently needs replacing. We need to change this law not only to save the lives of thousands more dogs like Bailey but also to better protect public safety.”

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Laws like BSL have got to be stopped. The lives of so many loving, innocent dogs are in jeopardy because of it. But – if we all stand together and make our voices heard, the government may just listen.

You can sign a petition here to help end BSL for the hundreds of dogs that have been put to sleep.

Watch Bailey’s story in the video below and see how the RSPCA is doing everything they can to put an end to such a horrific and discriminatory law. Don’t forget to sign the petition and share this article.

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Section 1 dog, Bailey lost his life because of BSL

We're very disappointed that, despite the evidence from organisations such as ourselves, the UK Government still believes the prohibition of dogs like Bailey is necessary to protect public safety. This means friendly, loving dogs must legally be euthanased based on the way they look. We will keep up the fight to #EndBSL:

Posted by RSPCA (England & Wales) on Monday, January 28, 2019

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