Stolen And Injured Dog Miraculously Finds His Way Home

October 1st, 2018

When it comes to positivity and resilience, it’s hard not to be inspired by the animals around us. Though dogs are often talked about as being “man’s best friend,” what doesn’t get said as often is just how strong and determined their spirits can be during hard times. Even in the most dire circumstances, we can count on our canine companions to have their tongues out, panting, always looking forward to the next moment.

One great example of this comes out of Turkey.

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It all began when dog owner Serdar Keskindir had his dog, Silla, stolen from him while he was at work.

This all took place in Northern Turkey when Silla was only a nine-month-old German Shepherd. Presumably, the thieves stole the dog with the intention of turning around and selling him. In the meantime, Serdar was devastated to have his best friend taken away and was determined to do whatever he could to get him back.

To start, he decided to offer a reward of approximately $300 to anyone who could bring him back.

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Although his offer was not successful, he believes it may have helped to make it more difficult for the thieves to sell Silla.

That’s because shortly after that, Silla was dumped by the thieves and seemingly attacked by other stray dogs that were in the area. Although confused and wounded, Silla never lost sight of his goal of surviving and making it home—which is where the story gets truly incredible. Although he was limping pretty badly, Silla sought out to look for help.

Amazingly, he was able to navigate to a nearby hospital and find the help he needed.

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Security camera footage from the hospital in Amasya clearly shows the dog loping up to the front door and walking inside.

Once inside, Silla was able to get his leg mended and the doctors quickly put out news that a stray dog had come in. In no time at all, Serdar was able to come down to the hospital in person and be reunited with his best friend. Fortunately, Silla was able to be nursed all the way back to full health and was brought safely home to Serdar once more.

For his part, Serdar says he was so grateful to the hospital staff for their help throughout the process.

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Though the thieves have not yet been caught, Silla and Sendar are just happy to be safely reunited.

Beyond the happy ending of this story, however, Silla’s intelligence and strength can stand as an inspiration to all of us. Although animal cruelty is a horrible thing that deserves swift punishment, Silla was still able to persevere despite his injuries and find the help he needed. Once there, others did their part as well to get him safely home once more. If there’s anything to learn from this story, it’s to always keep your animals safe and close to you! Though, apparently, many of them can probably fend for themselves a little better than we give them credit for.

Congratulations to Silla and Serdar on finally being reunited!

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