Dog Escapes Adoptive Home Travels 100 Miles To Rescuers

February 20th, 2019

We go where the love is. And the same goes for animals.

Including an Argentinian dog named Negrita.

Negrita was found by an elderly couple from Rivadavia, Argentina.

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The couple saw that Negrita was starving to the point of being emaciated.

On top of that, she was pregnant.

Negrita was so weak that all she could do was just lie there.

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The couple felt bad for her so they took Negrita home with them.

They not only gave her medical attention but they also made sure to love her.

It wasn’t long before Negrita gave birth to her litter of puppies. The kind couple also took care of Negrita’s babies. But being older in age, they felt they couldn’t keep the dogs and tried to find them all permanent homes.

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All of Negrita’s puppies were adopted into loving homes. And Negrita was too. According to Minuto Uno, Negrita went to live with a man in Jáchal.

She spent a few days there but it wasn’t long before she wanted to back home to the couple, the first people to ever show her love and affection.

So, Negrita ran away from her new home. Her new owner searched everywhere in the area but could not find her. Negrita eventually turned up a few days later in the most unexpected place.

She was found on the couple’s doorstep. That meant Negrita walked more than 100 miles just to be with that couple that showed her love.

She just wanted to be with the only people who have ever shown her love. Poor Negrita was in bad health again. She was dehydrated, hungry, full of sores and weakened by her long journey but you could still tell she was happy to be with the couple.

The coupled decided that they would start over with Negrita and bring her back to good health again.

They gave her plenty of water, some food, and let her get some much-needed rest. She ended up sleeping for an entire 24 hours to recover. But this time, they would take Negrita with them and make their home her forever home.

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“Now that is one very special dog knowing that he was loved by those people and he wanted them back there was no stopping her of finding her one and only family knew, God bless you both, May three you long and happy life,” Juanita Kasdaglis told We Love Animals.

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Source: We Love Animals