Funny dog uses the mailbox to greet people in his neighborhood
“Let's be honest, it's cute to open your mailbox to a puppy laying in it.”
Emma Shallcross

Dogs seem to have a strong relationship with the mailman, and it generally seems to be either love or hate, with no in-between. A lot of dogs go absolutely crazy when they hear the mailman and treat him as an intruder despite the fact that he literally comes to the house at least once a week. But for one dog, it’s not the mailman he’s obsessed with – but the mailbox.

One-year-old Rigby loves watching the world go by so much that his human parents had the genius idea of cutting a hole into the back of their mailbox.

Now, whenever someone lifts the lid on the family’s mailbox, they’re greeted with the sweetest surprise – in the form of Rigby’s head stuck through the hole! Take a look at the adorable photos below.

The Dodo
The Dodo

Imagine walking down your street and being greeted by this sight: the cutest little head sticking out from a mailbox!

Apparently, Rigby began to take an interest in the mailbox as a small puppy, so his owners Courtney and Evan Poole came up with the idea of the mailbox peephole. They mounted the box so that it was low enough for Rigby to look through and cut a hole in the back so that he could stick his head through.

“Evan and I would pass him to each other through the mailbox,” Courtney told The Dodo. “Let’s be honest, it’s cute to open your mailbox to a puppy laying in it.”

The Dodo
The Dodo

Rigby looks simply adorable with his little head sticking out of the mailbox – but is there a reason why he’s so obsessed with looking out of there?

Courtney speculates that it’s just because Rigby is the friendliest little guy and loves any kind of human interaction. He knows that by sticking his head out and looking cute, he’s got a good chance of being petted by passing strangers.

“He’s so sweet and loving,” Courtney said. “He wants to become best friends with every human and animal he comes across.”

The Dodo
The Dodo

Now that Rigby’s puppy days are over with, the cute little guy can no longer be passed through the mailbox – but that doesn’t stop him from sticking his head through the hole and watching the world go by.

The 70-pound pooch is now the perfect height for sticking his head through the mailbox – and it’s his favorite thing to do all day!

“There are a lot of people that go for walks with their pets on our street, and he’s always gotten very excited,” Courtney said. “He has stuck his head out of it trying to see what’s out there for as long as he could reach.” She added, “People often stop on the sidewalk and laugh at the sight of it.”

Surprisingly, despite the mailbox being Rigby’s favorite place to hang out, Courtney admits that he doesn’t often get to spend time with the mailman, as things can end up being a bit tense.

“Rigby’s typically only on the porch when we are, which is a few times each day, so he’s only surprised the mailman once,” Courtney said. “The mailman was understandably leery and Evan had to move him and back up for our mail to be delivered. It was actually pretty tense for a second.”

We’d love to be a passer-by on Rigby’s street! What a hilarious little pup.

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By Emma Shallcross
Emma Shallcross is a contributor at SBLY Media.