Dog Gives His Life to Save Wedding From Suicide Bomber

August 3rd, 2018

We all know dogs to be among the noblest and loving animals on earth.

They’ve also been known to be heroic and willing to lay their lives down in order to save their humans.

A dog in Nigeria is being hailed as a hero after saving people from a suicide bomber who tried to blow up a wedding.

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The Guardian Source: The Guardian

Boko Haram Islamist militant group, which means Western education is forbidden, has been terrorizing northern Nigeria for about a decade.

They regularly send suicide bombers to kill.

One of their targets was a Sunday wedding in the Buba Ahmed of Belbelo village when a teenage suicide bomber, who is believed to be from Boko Haram, busted in on a wedding.

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According to Fox News, the bomber was on the outskirts of a gathering where people were standing for the wedding ceremony.

As the bomber moved toward the crowd, the dog jumped and attacker her.

The suicide bomber then detonated her vest blowing up right there instead of near all the people attending the wedding.

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“This forced the suspect to detonate her explosive, while battling to wriggle herself from the claws and jaws of the dog,” police spokesman told Victor Isuku told Telegraph. “The dog stopped the teenage suicide bomber from detonating her strapped improvised explosive devices on the wedding crowd of people.”

The dog gave its life in the process and died. The suicide bomber also died.

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Daily Post Source: Daily Post

The police didn’t have further details but the dog is believed to have belonged to a guest.

They did say that it was the dog’s actions that saved the lives of those at the wedding party.

Police believe the crime was committed by Boku Haram since this bombing occurred shortly after three separate suicide bombers blew themselves up at two other nearby locations.

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The Guardian Source: The Guardian

It’s unknown exactly how the dog knew that the suicide bomber was a dangerous person.

But animal experts say sensing danger is within their nature.

“Dogs are highly sensitive of pheromones which we are not aware of. This is the reason dogs can predict possible danger. They can get to know about the intention of a person we meet by sensing their subtle facial expressions and body language. Not only dogs can make you aware about any danger from a person, they are also good at detecting bombs, drugs etc.,” The Dodo said.

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Source: Fox News