Neglected Dog Gets 35 Pounds of Fur Shaved Off

July 6th, 2018

In 2016, somebody noticed that their terminally ill neighbor was keeping their seven-year-old Great Pyrenees trapped in a barn at all times. The good Samaritan worried about the dog’s health, and so they asked a couple groomers they knew to help out.

When the groomers arrived at the barn, they were shocked to see the conditions the dog was living in.

The barn was extremely filthy, and the poor dog also looked unwell. Most shocking of all, the dog was covered in a huge, matted coat. The coat was so heavy, the dog could barely stand.

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Jessica Kincheloe Source: Jessica Kincheloe

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, the group who took the dog in, shared more about him on their Facebook page:

“You cannot imagine the squalor in which this dog lived and there are no words adequate to convey the horror. The person who owned him simply threw over his food and water to him. Conditions were so awful they had to shovel feces to even be able to open the door to get him out. Not once before this picture was taken has this dog walked on grass or seen the sky above him.”

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Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

The groomers immediately started shaving the dog. He was nervous when he saw the clippers, but then, he began to relax. He seemed to understand that the groomers wanted to help him.

Even though the dog had been through so much, he was still very friendly. One of the groomers, Jessica Kincheloe, told The Dodo:

“He was OK with the human touch but didn’t seem familiar to it. He warmed up to us really quick. Especially after offering treats.”

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Jessica Kincheloe Source: Jessica Kincheloe

Once they were finished shaving the pup, they brought him over to his new home at Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. There, he got a new name: Lazarus.

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Jessica Kincheloe Source: Jessica Kincheloe

The dog looked much better, but now, the rescue group wanted to help the dog feel better too. The pup had some health issues, including a broken tail and some small tumors. The rescue group took the dog to a vet and got these issues checked out. They also helped him begin recovering mentally from his ordeal.

At first, Lazarus couldn’t even walk. But after lots of training, the dog some hesitant steps!

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue also wanted to give Lazarus a special treat, and so they brought him his own steak. At first, he wasn’t sure how to eat it, and he simply sniffed it. But after a few moments of hesitation, he finally took a big bite!

Lazarus Steak

Sweet surprise for my sweet Lazarus. Steak dinners are only the start handsome boy.I know the steak wasn't cut. I do have other pups (lots!) who use the yard, and since Laz wouldn't take smaller pieces from me, I couldn't risk any pieces being left in the yard. He didn't mind one bit about chewing it a bit more, promise.#fortheloveoflaz

Posted by Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey on Monday, September 5, 2016

Once Lazarus was healthy both physically and mentally, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue began looking for his new forever home. They quickly found the right home for him, with a mom who loved him more anything.

By his eighth birthday, Lazarus was healthy, and he had a beautiful, well-groomed coat of fur.

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Amanda Brook Charsha-Lindsey Source: Amanda Brook Charsha-Lindsey

Thanks to a good Samaritan, Lazarus got the help he needed, and he found a wonderful forever home. We’re so glad this sweet dog is doing so well!

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