Gentle dog becomes best friends with monarch butterflies in his yard
Don't they make an adorable pair?!
Emma Shallcross

Dogs are some of the friendliest animals, and they’re usually not prejudiced when it comes to making a new pal. Whether you’re another dog, a human, or even a cat, most dogs will see you as their new best mate, and they will instantly put all of their love and trust into you.

So when a two-year-old pup named Milo first discovered some monarch butterflies in his garden in Los Angeles, California, instead of doing what you’d expect a dog to do and eat them (just our dog?), he decided to befriend them all, resulting in some truly adorable photographs.

Milo, who is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, became a bit of an online celebrity when his owner, Jennifer Bennett, posted a video of him with a butterfly wreath in a Twitter group called We Rate Dogs.

The sweet vid racked up over 2.2 million views, 50k shares, and 230k likes, and after watching it we knew that we had to see more adorable content of Milo and his friends.

In case you’re wondering how Milo and his owner got so lucky as to have such beautiful butterflies in their garden, it turns out that Jennifer and her family raise the monarchs themselves!

Jennifer told Bored Panda: “I had a dog before Milo named Boden who passed away and Milo is his nephew. Milo is very self-confident, loves nature, hiking, and cooking. We also raise monarchs, so they are always in the garden, and Milo’s very used to having them around.”

Here are some of our favorite pics of Milo and his friends, which are all featured on his adorable Instagram account, milo_the_toller.

1. Spot the pup

We almost didn’t see Milo at first hidden amongst all of those pretty flowers. We really want to boop that nose.

2. Flower boy

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Flower king!! 👑 🦋 🌸 • • • #flowercrown #farmflowercrowns #butterfly

A post shared by 🐾 Milo Bennett (@milo_the_toller) on

This is the prettiest flower crown we ever did see, so we’re not surprised that the butterflies are loving it. We can’t get over how adorable Milo looks, sitting like a good boy for his picture.

3. Pretty flowers

Milo seems very interested in the roses – and so do the butterflies!

4. Raised from a baby

It’s not just butterflies Milo gets on well with – he loves them from their very beginning when they’re tiny caterpillars!

What a little cutie. To see more adorable pics, head over to Milo’s Instagram here.

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By Emma Shallcross
Emma Shallcross is a contributor at SBLY Media.