Man discovers his roomba has "cleaned up" his dog's poop

July 29th, 2019

Being a dog’s human is one of the greatest experiences a human can have.

Not only are they insanely adorable but they provide us with companionship and unconditional love.

But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. You have to make sure they are fed, walked, and care for.

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And sometimes there’s poop.

There’s also the shedding, EVERYWHERE, and the accidents.

Thanks to modern technology, we have robots that can help us with some of those issues.

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Instead of constantly vacuuming the house to get rid of all that dog hair, we have the Roomba robotic vacuum to do it for us.

But there are some things the Roomba can’t do, try as it may, as one dog owner found out.

Unfortunately, the Roomba can’t clean up our dog’s accidents as Ryan Landy discovered.

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Landy’s dog Apollo took a number two on the tile floor in his bathroom.

His trusty Roomba diligently tried to clean it up.

Only to make a much more horrible mess in the process.

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Ryan Landy Source: Ryan Landy

That Roomba ended up smearing poop all over the place.

It was quite disgusting.

“My new Roomba ran over my dog’s shit and proceeded to ‘clean’ the rest of my house. I’m going to need therapy,” Landy wrote in a Facebook post.

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Ryan Landy Source: Ryan Landy

Thankfully, the mess was made on tile and not rubbed into a carpet which would have been a lot harder to clean up.

Lucky for Landy, his post ended up getting more than 84,000 shares on Facebook.

“My Roomba ‘shitpost’ just became the #1 post on Reddit, I’m DECEASED,” Landy wrote in a follow up post.

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Ryan Landy Source: Ryan Landy

Ryan’s post left everyone wondering who was the culprit behind the big mess, besides the Roomba of course.

That would be Apollo.

An adorable young pup that Landy recently rescued and wasn’t fully potty trained yet. Landy introduced him in another Facebook post.

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Ryan Landy Source: Ryan Landy

“Due to popular demand, here’s the shitter! His name’s Apollo. Also for those wondering, we rescued him recently and he’s not fully trained yet,” Landy said.

He explained the new solution he had for preventing any additional problems between Apollo and the Roomba.

“So we keep the Roomba closed off in whatever room it’s cleaning,” Landy said.

Posted by Ryan Landy on Monday, July 15, 2019

Landy also revealed how the unfortunate mess occurred in the first place.

The pets in his house are extremely talented.

They know how to open doors. But Landy says he definitely won’t let this happen again. I mean, I wouldn’t want to have to clean up that mess again either.

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“Unfortunately, as you can see in the video, some of my pets know how to open doors, which is what lead to the catastrophe. You learn from your mistakes,” Landy said.

Apparently, this isn’t the first incident someone has had with their pets and a Roomba.

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“Yeah, we had a Roomba shit disaster the other day. However, my Roomba knew it ate something wrong and quit working! we got lucky!” said one Facebook commenter.

So, for those who have a Roomba and a pet… you might want to take some extra precautions.

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