Doberman approaches dog with mouth wide open but owner rushes in to catch what's really happening
That's just weird.
Eduardo Gaskell

Dogs are, and no one is going to argue, very much a part of their families. That pack mentality they have is the perfect trait since they will be loyal to the end of their days.

They will show affection and give you all their love, and even do the same for their siblings.

Those are the moments dog owners cannot help but share on social media.

They are too cute and to see dogs express their love for one another will melt anyone who sees them.

All that nuzzling and nudging we see are just parts of their love language, and once you respond, they know you want more cuddles so they’ll snuggle up to you.

Dogs are inseparable and since they have that pack mentality, they tend to be protective of each another.

More often than not, dogs showing affection or begging for attention can come off as rough, which does worry other pet owners. But there’s nothing to worry about.

Roughhousing is very much a part of dogs having some fun. And it is very rare for dogs to go overboard and hurt others.

Meet Draco the Doberman. A dog who is the perfect example of showing weird ways of affection.

An Instagram page called β€œDog” shared an Instagram reel straight from Draco’s account where the Doberman shows his unique way of being clingy.

This funny dog actually bites the face of his Doberman sibling. What Draco does is he encloses his sibling Katana’s face in his mouth and then stays that way for a few seconds.

Katana doesn’t seem to mind, and really seems used to Draco’s antics. Katana just lets Draco do his weird thing.

The reel was hilariously captioned with, β€œHe’s a 10, but he’s too clingy.”

It’s the type of clingy that would drive others crazy but not Katana apparently.

The caption goes on to say that Draco’s clinger status is at the maximum setting of stage 10. This dog is too adorable, probably having a lot of viewers wishing they could spend a day with him..

One Instagram user commented on the amusing post, saying, β€œAww, he hugs with his mouth.”

It’s not often you’ll hear of a dog who does such a thing. In fact, Draco probably does things differently.

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Dobermans are often thought of as scary dogs, but it’s quite the opposite. These big dogs can be softies on the inside.

Celine, their human mom, is a famous content creator. She manages Draco’s Instagram page so go ahead and give them both a follow.

She adores her dobbies. Celine’s goal is to educate more people about the breed.

Celine and her dogs are on TikTok too, so do follow them and join the other 1.5 million followers.

They’ll be glad for your β€œfollow” and who knows, you may end up with a Doberman of your own too. Just watch out for those odd quirks and funny personalities.

Check out Draco in action with Katana in the video below!

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By Eduardo Gaskell
Eduardo Gaskell is a contributor at SBLY Media.