Dad’s car camera captures his 4 dogs’ flipping out when hear it’s time to go to the park

November 4th, 2019

There’s just something special about seeing dogs who are overjoyed and excited to do something.

One dog owner from Canada decided to give his four large dogs a small surprise, and you can tell that this is one of those special moments.

The man, a YouTuber who goes by the name ‘T3’, uploaded a hilarious video on the platform of his four dogs being extremely excited. At the time of writing, it has received millions of views and became an internet sensation.

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T3, YouTube Source: T3, YouTube

The owner decided to take his dogs to one of their favorite spots, the park.

Even small things such as these are enough to make the pups go wild in excitement and joy, and it’s an absolutely amazing sight to behold.

“Took the dogs to their favorite spot for a walk and they do this every time,” he wrote as a caption.

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T3, YouTube Source: T3, YouTube

Luckily, there was a camera pointed towards the four-footers during the ride so we can see their reactions for ourselves. It’s pretty safe to say that these four dogs are absolutely flipping out when they learn they’re headed towards the park!

Luna and her three siblings can’t hold their excitement back, and adorable madness ensues. The pups start barking and jumping around, and they can’t wait until they get to their favorite spot.

At first, all of the dogs were pretty calm in the car – but that all changed with one question.

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T3, YouTube Source: T3, YouTube

“Alright Y’all, where we going?” the owner simply asked.

That alone was enough, as the four pups then realized the car was driving to the park and what happens next is something that is better seen than described in words.

The big energetic dogs clearly can’t contain their excitement! They can only be described as four big adorable goofballs who just love spending time with their loving owner.

They’re all German Shorthaired Pointers, which is a breed is known to be very, very well-behaved. However, when they know that it’s time to play, their excitement will definitely be hard to keep in check.

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T3, YouTube Source: T3, YouTube

With almost one million and a half views on YouTube, these four dogs have received a ton of online attention.

To make things even more fitting, the video was uploaded around International Dog Day, which is annually celebrated on August 26th. In the comments section, people were amazed by these four canine siblings and they simply can’t get enough of them.

“I love that as soon as the car stopped they all immediately got silent,” one commenter noted. “You should see them howling at the fire trucks haha”, the owner then replied.

Some people are even picking out their favorites!

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T3, YouTube Source: T3, YouTube

“Love how the one in front just casually ditches the barking and just screams.”

“Looking at the doggo in the front seat, it looked like the roof was a nose magnet. So much excitement!”

“My GSP did the same even though he was in the back of the Jeep in a kennel. One of the finest dog breeds ever; smart, healthy and way energetic,” another dog owner added.

One of the many viewers even showed the video to his own German Shorthaired Pointers.

“My 7 month old GSP pup freaks out watching this and then joins in. Pretty hilarious. My older GSP just watched and wagged his tail.”

In any case, this amazing video of these four excited dogs is well worth a watch. Be sure to check out the footage below.

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Source: T3