Dachshund has priceless reaction when she meets her mini toy look-alike

July 6th, 2020

Dogs have different personalities and temperaments. Some of them are playful while others are timid and shy. There are dogs that are calm while others are naturally curious. These traits are what make dogs unique. It’s rare for humans to find two dogs with the exact same habits, traits, personalities, and temperaments.

When Madeline met her look-alike, she was shocked.

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The introduction happened in the family’s living room. While she was playing with the other dogs in the house, her human came with a tiny dachshund puppy. Just like Madeline, it was brown in color.

After seeing the “puppy”, Madeline got super excited.

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She was wagging her tail as her human placed the puppy on the floor. Out of curiosity, she started sniffing it. She was probably wondering what it was barking too much.

Madeline didn’t know it was a toy!

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Her mini look-alike was actually a battery-operated toy. Since it has the same color, she didn’t feel doubtful of it. She was simply ecstatic to meet and play with it.

She responded well.

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Even if the toy was excessively barking, Madeline didn’t react negatively to it. All she was focused on was meeting it and getting it to play with her.

The other dog, meanwhile, didn’t give Madeline or the new “puppy” a second thought. She didn’t even engage or interacted with it. She probably had an idea what it was.

The toy continued to bark.

Madeline couldn’t take her eyes off the toy. She was staring at it like she’s trying to understand what the “puppy” was trying to say.

Despite not being able to understand it, Madeline remained a very good girl. She didn’t attack it right away.

Then, Madeline refused to be patient anymore.

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When the toy fell on its side, she carefully grabbed and pulled it by the ear. She was still trying to get it to play with her. Unfortunately, it didn’t

Madeline’s reaction to her mini look-alike went viral.

The video has more than 24,000 views and the numbers are still increasing. Most people who have watched it found the dog’s reaction relatable.

One of the viewers shared:

“This reminds me of when I was eight & got a Beagle toy for Christmas. My Beagle barked straight back when I turned the toy on.”

Another viewer pointed out something quite funny but true. He said:

“He was upset the puppy didn’t smell his butt, back, …just a common greeting lol”

Dogs’ first meeting

Dogs like to sniff butts. It’s one way for them to greet other dogs as well as check their anal secretions. Sniffing butts also enable dogs to determine if they’ve met or seen each other before. It’s their unique form of identification.

The manner in which dogs sniff each other can let you know which one is more dominant as well. In general, the more dominant dog will initiate sniffing. The more submissive dog will wait for his turn.

Meanwhile, for some dogs, sniffing rear ends serves as a calming mechanism. It’s like a stress reliever for them.

For Madeline, it’s just her way of assessing the new “puppy”. It’s like how any human will react. If you someone who looks just like you, you’d probably check if it’s true as well.

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