Cyclists stop to help a deer stuck in flooded ruins

October 29th, 2019

If you noticed an injured or trapped animal on the side of the road, you’d probably stop to try and help them, right? But what if that animal was much larger than you and potentially quite dangerous? Would you still risk your safety to help them? For one group of cyclists in Huescar, Spain – they didn’t even think twice.

The group of cyclists was cycling through heavy, torrential rains when they noticed a large deer with massive antlers was trapped in flooded ruins – scared and struggling to stay afloat.

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As the group passed by the grounds of the ancient ruins, they noticed the panicked deer was trying desperately to make its way out of the water, but the rain kept pouring down and the sides of the ruins were steep and slippery. The poor, terrified deer was starting to become exhausted from trying to make it to higher ground.

The cyclists were scared that the deer would become so fatigued and weakened that it wouldn’t be able to stand up anymore and it would drown. The water levels were continuing to rise and rise quickly.

The group knew they had to jump into action to save the drowning animal – even though its large antlers could injure them in the animal’s panicked state.

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The next time the deer tried its best to make its way up the steep bank, four of the cyclists took hold of the deer’s giant antlers. They were beginning to slip down the sides of the bank too but somehow managed to pull the terrified and exhausted deer up to safety.

After realizing that he was finally out of the rising water and able to walk on dry land again, the deer didn’t waste any time running away. Despite being eternally grateful, we assume, the deer just went through a shock of a lifetime, so we’re not surprised it wanted to scamper off to be on its own.

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The cyclists haven’t been identified, but they now have a large fanbase of animal lovers out there.

Watch the rescue video below and keep reading for another story of when cyclists helped an injured puppy!

Back in 2018, a mountain biker found a 5-month-old puppy near a sewage treatment plant. The Great Dane mix had a broken back leg, a fractured toe, and his skin was covered in road rash. Jared Little, the cyclist, assumed the poor thing had been hit by a car.

Knowing that he couldn’t just leave him there, Little put the tiny dog on his back and rode him 7 miles into the town of Columbus, Georgia. Their first stop was a bike shop where they could get the dog some water and food. That’s when they met a woman named Andrea Shaw who was in town for a business trip. She immediately fell in the love with the puppy and offered to take him and get him medical attention immediately. The little dog had a new home right away!

Mom took me (in my convertible of course) with her to pick up Chris from camp. Then I got to spend a couple minutes with my boy before I had to go back in my convertible

Posted by Adventures of Columbo onMonday, July 16, 2018

The vet discovered the little puppy did indeed need pins in his hind leg and needed a full cast. Over time, the little guy would have a full recovery.

The dog, now named Columbo, has his very own Facebook account where you can follow his adventures! We’re so happy those mountain bikers happened to ride by when they did!

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Mom said we are going to relax in the back yard for a while. I’m being a good boy even though I don’t really want to be…

Posted by Adventures of Columbo onSunday, July 15, 2018

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