Couple Finds Note From Previous Homeowners About Cat

September 6th, 2018

Buying a new house is always exciting. You never know what you might find when you start moving things around and making renovations. One family didn’t even get that far before they found a surprise in their backyard.

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Miranda and her family couldn’t wait to move into their new home.

Like many families, they couldn’t wait to get everything unpacked and start living in their new home. On the day they moved in, they found a note from the previous homeowners.

The note explained how the previous owners had been caring for a feral cat in their backyard for several years and they wanted the new owners to continue to do the same. It only needed to be fed and watered every day. They explained how they had built it a house for winter and that because it didn’t like people, it wouldn’t let them get close to it. It didn’t cause any problems, and they felt bad about leaving it behind.

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They were a little surprised but the note but decided to embrace the request.

Miranda explained,

“We immediately looked out the back sliding glass door, and he was looking at us through the door.”

The family grew fond of the cat, and they didn’t mind it at all. They are all cat lovers, so it made sense that they would have a cat waiting for them at their new home. She explained how the family had taken in many rescues over the years. This cat would be no exception. She said,

“We started laughing because we currently have five cats, all but one have been rescued. The house we lived in previously, people used to drop off their cats there, and we took them in.”

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While the previous owners had explained in their note that the cat was very shy, and did not let people get near it, Miranda started to notice that the cat was starting to become a little more social over time.

He was curious about his new family, and he stopped running off whenever they came near him. She said,

“He used to hide anytime we came to the door. Now we can sit outside with him. He will come up and eat now when the screen door is open, which he wouldn’t do before. He also now comes to the door and meows to let us know that he needs food.”

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The family even decided to name the cat to make him a permanent part of the family.

They call him Raz. They noticed that Raz had an injury that he babied, but other than that, he appeared to be healthy. He enjoys living in the backyard and is growing closer to the family every day.

Miranda has even made an Instagram account for Raz so she can document his life and how he is adjusting to his new family. They hope that one day he will be more comfortable with them and will make friends with the other cats.

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Once the cat trusts them, they also plan on taking him to the vet to see if they can get him some help for his injury.

Miranda said,

“Our hope is to eventually be able to interact with him more and get him seen by a vet as he has an old injury to his paw.”

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She feels like they were meant to care for the cat and are glad that the previous owners left the note.

Miranda added,

“If you have the means to take care of an animal in need, you should. There is nothing like earning their trust and helping them live out their time comfortably and feeling loved.”

They are clearly doing a great job of taking care of Raz. Maybe someday he will move into the house with them and join the rest of the family. They are definitely animal lovers.

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